Watch: Mother Handcuffed, Arrested for Letting Her Kids Play in a Deserted Park

Watch: Mother Handcuffed, Arrested for Letting Her Kids Play in a Deserted Park

The coronavirus pandemic has created a horrific new dichotomy that we are forced to make sense of. While the prison systems are in the process of releasing dangerous criminals because of the virus’ spread, innocent Americans are being tossed in cells. This has to end now before more citizens’ rights are violated by the police.

This Idaho mother was recently arrested for the crime of….letting her children play in an empty park? We cannot even begin to wrap our minds around this one. It’s one of the most ridiculous stories that we have ever come across. These children are sure to be traumatized by the incident, too. Did these officers think of that before they came charging in?

Of course they didn’t. We are going to forewarn you: this video is a disturbing watch. No one is going to put up with these new rules for much longer. During a time when everyone is struggling to put food on the table, how can the authorities expect the American people to take this kind of abuse without striking back?

The economy has been shut down and people do not know where their next paycheck is coming from. The nation as a whole is a powder keg that is waiting to explode. Even John Cardillo is weighing in on the matter. He says that these arrests are completely unacceptable. He never would have made an arrest of this nature and his supervisors would not have allowed them to take place.

At least someone is willing to speak in a sensible manner here. It seems like there are too many Americans who are allowing their fear to get the better of them. Every time that we check social media, we always see people who are pushing for martial law. We just wish that these misguided souls would realize what they are asking for.

Take a moment and imagine what it would be like to have to answer to the police for your every move. You’re driving down the street one day, on your way to the grocery store. You notice flashing lights in your rear view mirror. Now, you are placed in a position where you have to explain yourself to a police officer when you have not done anything wrong.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of room for you at your local prison because all of the criminals inside have been let go. This a nightmare scenario for any American citizen but we are on the brink of this becoming our new reality. The police are always going to reap what they sow but we do not have time to wait.

Time is of the essence. We have the utmost respect for all of the police officers who have already gone on record on this topic. There are a number of officers who are steadfastly refusing to enforce these rules and we are grateful to them for being willing to stand up to the tyranny that is currently taking place.

We cannot begin to imagine how these children felt when they had to watch their mother being placed in handcuffs. When these kids grow up with a severe distaste for authority, it will be easy to understand why. If children are being shown that the police can do whatever they want without being forced to answer to any sort of higher authority, they are not going to be able to place their trust in them.

Officers may claim that they are simply doing what they are told but this is no excuse. Law enforcement is not about blindly following orders. Whatever happened to protect and serve? From where we are sitting, there are too many officers who seem to have have forgotten all about both of these aspects nowadays.

There’s no protection taking place anymore. These officers in Idaho were not serving their community. What threat did this woman and her children possibly pose? We could understand sending them home if the park was too crowded but there was no reason to react like this. They were not doing anything wrong.

With any luck, all of the charges that are related to this woman’s arrest are going to be dismissed. That’s the only outcome that we would be willing to accept here. Law enforcement officials need to know that they cannot harass citizens and expect to avoid all consequences. Americans should not stand for this and we hope to see more protests against these types of arrests. No one should ever have to live in fear when they have not done anything wrong.


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