Watch: Pennsylvania Health Secretary Moved His Mother out of Nursing Home While Leaving Everyone Else to Die

Watch: Pennsylvania Health Secretary Moved His Mother out of Nursing Home While Leaving Everyone Else to Die

Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine recently made a shocking admission. She had decided to move her mother out of a local senior facility as soon as COVID-19 started to sweep through the area. She has been the state’s health secretary since 2017 and was the first transgender candidate to receive a Pennsylvania Cabinet appointment.

United States nursing homes are currently under siege, as Democratic policies force them back into these dangerous living situations. Dr. Levine was more than willing to make sure that her mother was safe, though. She did not care what happened to anyone else. The rest of the seniors were left to die, while her mother was safely quarantined at a local hotel.

One reporter decided to ask Dr. Levine about the decision. They wanted to know what message she was trying to send to the rest of the state by making this choice. There are thousands of people who are unable to make the same decision that Dr. Levine did. Of course, she did not have much to say to defend herself.

She was unwilling to speak from the heart on this one. Instead, she grabbed her canned remarks and leaned on a script that had been written ahead of time. Nothing lets the people of your state know that you care quite like refusing to speak off the cuff about something that is this meaningful.

Dr. Levine elected to play the semantics game, letting the reporter know that her mother actually resides at a personal care home. We are not sure what difference that makes but we’re not here to judge. Since these homes are operating under Department of Human Services regulation, as opposed to the Department of Health, Dr. Levine did not see any issue with the choice.

Her mother asked to be moved and she complied immediately. The doctor also went on to say that she was well qualified to make that decision for herself. In other words, she is letting everyone know that she is not going to take any level of responsibility for what has taken place here.

Meanwhile, there is more than enough outrage to go around. Republican State Senator Doug Mastriano took to the capitol steps, calling for her resignation. We’re not sure how Dr. Levine can justify this decision but it’s her cross to bear. Hopefully, she can still sleep at night.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the worst instincts of many Americans. People are more than happy to ignore the larger problems that are taking place, as long as they are getting what they want. There is also a wide range of folks who are not concerned about the virus because it is not currently having an effect on their lives.

While this is the sort of behavior that we have come to expect from certain citizens, the idea that a state health secretary would act this way is truly appalling. The least that she could do in this scenario is own her actions. Watching someone play with everyone’s intelligence like this is enough to make us upset and we’re not even Pennsylvania residents.

Making sure that your family members are safe at the expense of everyone else is about as low as it gets. While Mastriano’s rally did not have the desired effect, we hope that the rest of the state continues to apply lots of pressure. Maybe they can still force her to resign? We can only hope.

The Democratic party continues to hit new lows on an everyday basis. Every time that we think they have hit rock bottom, they simply grab another shovel and continue to dig. These are the same politicians that want you to believe that they are taking this virus with the utmost level of seriousness.

In reality, they were not willing to act until the problem was at their front doorstep. They can point the finger all they want but those who have been paying attention the whole time know better. It’s not too late for Dr. Levine to come back and admit to her wrongdoing, too. Unfortunately, this is not something that we are going to hold our breath about.

We feel for the Pennsylvania residents who have had to watch their older loved ones struggle in the wake of the virus’ spread. They now know that their elected officials do not have their back. It can’t be a good feeling at all. With any luck, they are going to have the chance to force Dr. Levine from her position before she is able to do any more damage.


29 thoughts on “Watch: Pennsylvania Health Secretary Moved His Mother out of Nursing Home While Leaving Everyone Else to Die

  1. The woman in this picture is UGLY! She’s so UGLY, not only would I rather have sex with Annie the Cat and Rosie the Dog over her, but I’d also rather have sex with a PIG than with that UGLY THANG!

  2. not sorry to say pennsylvania you got what you voted for. now live with it. what she is saying is if her mother can make her own decision then I guess pennsylvanians can too! but, NO.
    DO as I tell you not as I do. and I redict, pennsylvania folks will be “outraged” but will do NOTHING! She may even remain after whatever period of time she is supposed to and BTW I bet pennsylvanians will continue to do as she says.

  3. To all you folks with governors who think they’re God, you have got what you voted for, don’t like what they’re doing, tough, live with it. It has been said, “Someone who sacrifices freedom for safety will have neither”, IT’S TRUE. Understand, I do think precautions need to be put in place, but when the “experts” can’t agree on what those measures should be, then our elected officials need to put their political party aside and do what is prudent in order protect citizens and NOT DESTROY the economy. All the draconian measures in the world will not matter if there’s no economic base left to save. Families need to be fed, clothed, sheltered, and bills paid. If their jobs are no longer there, then that will only put more strain on the local/state/federal governments, which in of its self is a whole other problem. I don’t give a rat’s rectum about party platforms, I’m a retired veteran and independent, all I care about is hoping whoever gets elected to office to represent THE PEOPLE, and has the sense to keep their heads out of their collective asses and do what’s right, based on thoroughly sound information, not just what his or her party believes. In times of crisis, we should come together as AMERICANS, not Democrats or Republicans, Libertians, etc.., if we can’t, then this country effectively as a Republic is reduced to just a landmass between two oceans.

  4. It’s not a woman. It’s a transgendered man. His dna still tells the true story regardless of hormones, make-up and hair-dos.

    And if they are that blasted & self-centered intellectually and conscientiously: they are hardly going to care about others.

    I do hope there were some honest and brave doctors caring for their residents & staff in those nursing homes like those at The Resort at Texas City. They had an outbreak of 30+ among staff and residents and lost only one. They began HcQ immediately after testing for the genetic factors & pre-conditions contra-indicated. (You’d think the VA ‘test’ could have done the same.) The Resort only lost one patient, an elderly person with co-morbidities.

  5. We have no one to blame but ourselves for all of this garbage. Ignorant people voted socialists and communists into office without any consideration of the ramifications of their gimme, gimme, I want free stuff idiocy. Now, we are reaping what has been sown.

    If you want to crap to stop, vote the demoncrap communists/socialists out of office and never let them in again. The Democratic Party is DEAD, and has been for decades! The party has been taken over by the socialists and communists who do NOT have American Citizens’ best interest at heart. They are hell-bent on destroying our Country so that we can be RULED by dictators in the united nations. Read un agenda 21 and the un 2030 agenda. They plan to be fully implemented in 2030. If you think things are bad now, you ain’t seen nothing yet. They are ramping up and have less than 10 years to bring the US in line with their new world order, one world government scheme.

    If you value your freedom and sovereignty, vote the demoncraps out of office and never let them back!!!

  6. Don’t stand for anything she/he stands for But it was her/his. MOM. I’M
    NOT SURE WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE IF MINE HAD ASKED ME…if that’s a true statement

  7. Karen what you say is so true I am a Democrat and these people who call themselves Democrats are not. They are exactly what you say communist,Socialist new world order. They want to control everyone and don’t care about the American citizens.They are controlled themselves by Soros ,China , Bill Gates. and drug lords. That’s why they want open boarders and to release all prisoners. They take away our rights to bear arms so we can’t defend ourselves making it easy for others to come in and take over.We have to vote them out before it’s to late,the people that follow them are so blind they just don’t see it.True Democrats never acted like these people have and it’s very disturbing.And to see how far up they go is coming out with judges FBI those in Congress and a few Republicans also.

  8. This has happened in New York also probably in other States as well where Democrat health Secretary’s have done the same thing. They all knew nursing homes were vulnerable and were to be taken care of first because t were high risk. They were told yet still put covid patients in with the elderly!This was genocide pure and simple.If you went to States some run by Democrats most by Republicans they took care of the elderly first making sure no one with covid was put in with them.The nursing staff and Drs. took care of the elderly and only lost 1 patient so they did things right Democrats don’t care who they kill.

  9. I appreciate the headline with “his” in it. I understand this totally confused POS was offended when a journalist was addressing it as “sir”. Rachel you may be offended, but it doesn’t make you right.

  10. A co worker told me that Levine’s given name is Richard (aka Ricky)…
    Why the conversion job? One possibility to laugh about….wonder if Gov Wolf had anything to do with it….
    “My friend Ricky had a ten foot dickie, he showed it to the neighbor next door…
    She thought it was a snake, hit it with a rake, now it’s only two feet four…”

  11. You are lower than whale shit and that lays on the bottom of the ocean. What makes your mother more important than the other peoples mothers and fathers in the rest homes. You ought to get the virus yourself. You are not worth the salt that goes in your food. Someone ought to take you out.

  12. This is how certain politicians behave now!!! They tell law biding citizens they can’t work or go anywhere but meanwhile they go get nails,hair and come and go at their leisure! Meanwhile sacrificing family members and securing theirs!!! Can they follow the rules that they lay on citizens? Of course not!!!
    America it’s time to remove these corrupt politicians! They don’t represent the laws/rules they set!!!

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