Watch: Playboy Reporter Interrupts White House Press Briefing

Watch: Playboy Reporter Interrupts White House Press Briefing

The coronavirus task force briefings have taken on a certain level of importance. People are starved for information right now and they are looking for someone who is able to take control. President Trump has stepped up to the plate with these daily addresses. He aims to provide the nation with the news that they need and he answers a wide range of questions.

Unfortunately, there is also a wide range of liberal reporters who view these briefings as their chance to attack the president. During Tuesday’s briefing at the Rose Garden, the liberal press pool decided that they were going to stir up some more trouble. You would think that they would get tired of this behavior eventually.

Playboy reporter Brian Karem is inexplicably invited to these briefings. We are not sure what purpose he serves but let’s not waste too much time on that. The real issue is his behavior at these briefings. He thinks that it is his God-given right to talk over the reporters who are actually there to learn.

The reporters who wanted to ask real questions of the president were not given the chance to do so because Karem was more interested in making the briefing about himself. That’s how the liberals roll, though. When Brian Karem steadfastly refused to be quiet, President Trump threatened to put an end to the conference.

It’s the equivalent of when parents have to tell their kids to keep it down or they are going to turn the car around. It’s sad that this is what these briefings have become. Instead of being able to express his thoughts, President Trump has to spend much of his time arguing down liberal reporters who are not there in good faith. These bad faith actors are just keeping the rest of us from learning what we need to know.

Trump even claimed that he had warned his staffers about the presence of this “showboat”. If Karem continued to talk like that, the president had no problem walking away from the briefing. This is the only language that the liberals actually understand. If they are not threatened, they are never going to stand down. Just ask Paula Reid.

She’s the CBS News reporter who had to be asked to leave a meeting multiple times and even needed to be threatened by a female staffer. While the staffer was sure to keep her hands behind her back during the confrontation, this is a sad state of affairs. As for Karem, Trump referred to him as a “loudmouth” and it is hard to argue with this assessment.

We are still trying to get over the fact that Playboy reporters are still allowed to spend time at these briefings. What’s next, reporters from Swank and Penthouse? If you ask us, Trump has been entirely too kind with who he lets into the Rose Garden. While there are always going to be reporters who disagree with certain aspects of a presidency, things have gotten a bit ridiculous.

Playboy reporters sound like a remnant of the Bill Clinton administration. All jokes aside, these types of clowns need to be barred from all White House press conferences before it is too late. These briefings are too important for President Trump to be wasting his time taming all of the jackals that think they deserve a moment in the sun.

Liberal reporters think that they need their 15 minutes of fame and it is coming at the expense of those who are truly working hard. Once more and more press passes start to get revoked, we are sure that the liberals are going to whine about it. They will act as if their right to free speech is being violated.

In reality, there is no amendment in the constitution that allows for reporters to go out of their way to harass the president. The idea of free speech has been bent and perverted to the point where it barely even makes sense. We just wish that more of these ridiculous reporters would get put into their place. These clips definitely make us smile.

If you did not get the chance to see this in real time, this is your chance to check it out. The media’s disgraceful behavior cannot go unchecked any longer. Once the briefings start to be closed off to various outlets, we are not going to be acting surprised. President Trump’s message deserves to be delivered in a manner that is unfiltered and we hope that he is given every opportunity to do just that.


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