Watch Rioters Murder St. Louis Retired Police Officer and Live Stream the Crime

Watch Rioters Murder St. Louis Retired Police Officer and Live Stream the Crime

A tragedy took place in North St. Louis last night. David Dorn, a retired St. Louis police captain, was murdered. Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry was experiencing some major looting and Dorn was doing everything in his power to put a stop to it. The looters did not fear any sort of reprisal. That’s the environment that has been created by the nonstop protests.

This 77 year old man was gunned down in cold blood. The shooting happened around 2:30 AM. The Ethical Society of Police is speaking out about the matter, letting the world know about Dobb’s kind heart and selfless ways. He’s the type of officer who would have laid his own life down to save the looters and while the protests have been peaceful, violence is not the answer.

Police have yet to officially identify the former captain. There is currently an ongoing investigation and we will be sure to let you know as soon as we find out more. The details are going to be provided as soon as we have them. We just hope that the looters are pleased with themselves. They are currently rioting in protest of the death of an innocent black man.

The irony is so bitter here that we could choke on it. The streets of America are turning into a total free for all and there is no end in sight. This man lost his life for trying to protect a local business and we wish that there was more to this story. Unfortunately, these are the sad events that are never going to stop taking place as long as the looters have control.

The death was filmed live on Facebook. Dorn’s body laid in the street as people kept on driving by. We are not going to be posting the video, out of respect for the slain officer and his loved ones. Justice needs to be served, though. We hope that these violent looters are captured and brought to justice as soon as possible.

The mainstream media does not have the same level of interest in these stories and we wonder why that is. What agenda are they trying to serve? What’s their end game? These are questions that mainstream media outlets need to be able to answer for themselves before it is too late. Otherwise, they could find themselves complicit with the parties who are responsible for the damage that is being done to our country.

All riots like these do is detract from the real purpose of the protests. People are taking to the streets in a legal manner, expressing their grief for George Floyd. We are sure that the widespread unemployment is also playing a role at the moment. Plenty of people are looting necessary items that they could not afford otherwise. Robbing a pawn shop in the middle of the night is not that.

It takes away from the good and decent folks who are following the rules and making their voices heard. When the National Guard is sent in to put a stop to the madness, what are people going to have to say for themselves then? The tune will change completely. Everyone will be furious with each other and start blaming the looters for bringing things to a head.

That’s why people should have been willing to denounce these actions long before now. No one should have to see an innocent person die in order to feel differently about what is happening in their own backyard. Now, the taxpayers are going to be forced to pay for the room and board of all these criminals.

Is that what people envisioned when these protests began? We are going to go out on a huge limb and say no. At this time, we would like to send our deepest condolences to all of Dorn’s friends and loved ones. Rest in peace, David. You deserved so much better than this.


Update: David Dorn – Rest in Peace.

UPDATE: David Dorn’s death was broadcast on Facebook live. Cars drove by watching and cheering on the rioters as he lay dying on the side of the street.
We have decided not to post the video out of respect for the victim.


28 thoughts on “Watch Rioters Murder St. Louis Retired Police Officer and Live Stream the Crime

  1. This should be shown across the Nation especially in the congress, House of Failure and The Dumbocrackticks !

  2. Return the actions with equal reaction. “Peaceful protesters” don’t murder people, loot, or burn down businesses. This is all bought and paid for by George Soros. They started it, let’s finish it.

  3. This is why it’s time for the military to take this over. They will be armed & the rioters either arrested or shot. If arrested they will stand trial by the military & charged with yreason. They won’t walk free or be able to have the Hollywood elite the Democrats or anyone else be able to stop it or bail their ass’s out. Put them in all theses states now Mr. President time to shut them down for good.

  4. Whoever killed the police captain needs the needle or the chair. No excuses. Get the trial going, get a conviction, and get the killer(s) on the table or the chair, and broadcast the disposal on TV so that other potential killers get the message….

  5. What i don’t understand is why are most of the elites of hollywood give money to the people getting arrested .WHY NOT HELP THE PEOPLE WHO HAD THEY BUSINESSES BURNT DOWN OR LOOTED HELP THEM.

  6. And to think! I put my life in danger in vietnam to help preserve these peoples right to freedom! We don’t need to worry about communists we have the DEMOCRATS to thank for all this!! We need very badly to clean up our political playground from A/G’s that encourage riots and murder. Close out borders. Enact term limits. And depose these little state DICTATORS that have no agenda for the people. Only to fatten their pockets at the cost of the common man.

    1. First Thank You for your service. You are truly correct in your assessment of our (leaders????) elected officials. I am also a Vietnam vet (disabled) and truly pissed most of the time for my spending time overseas (18+years) while the politicians were taking control of our nation from inside.

  7. I thought Black Lives Matter? However, I guess it’s only if you’re NOT wearing a uniform? WTF?? The filth that did this has no souls but when your time(s) are up there’s going to be a nice hot place for all of you.

  8. Why isn’t any one pissed off about this stupid bull shit going on and happening people that had nothing to do with the Minnesota stuff because he was white right ? So that makes it OK . well if that is what you think is ok I say you need your ASS kicked right off the Planet!!

    1. It happens he was black. That shouldn’t matter he gave his life to protect the property of others. The animals can’t say anything in their defense, this was criminals taking advantage of mob mentality. A lot of people come out to protest, but are easily agitated to loot and murder. In this lawlessness the race of the victims shouldn’t matter. Looters are looters, rioters are rioters and victims are victims. The outrageous thing is the lawlessness is being encouraged by some in the media and democratic politicians who want to take advantage of riots. This murder and the rioters should be denounced by everyone and those who encourage this lawlessness have blood on their hands.! I don’t know how anyone could vote democratic, it’s the democrats who want to destabilize out country.!

  9. And Illinois is a prime example of political CORRUPTION that has endured for years! Down state is more than willing to divide the entire show at the border line of Chicago and elect our own governor with sense not a criminal record! Such as the “potty puller” we now have!

    1. West Virginia separated from the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1863. Illinois can do the same. Heil Pritzker, arbeit macht frei….downstate doesn’t need that garbage…

  10. Hey Larry,
    Ditto brother! I keep thinking the same thing with one exception, the dems are the commies!
    Every Conservative/Libertarian in this country must get this thought in your head once & for all.
    We believe in freedom & that we are the bosses of Big Guvmint. The dems want it the other way around.
    Keep buying the clothes you want to wear, the food you wish to eat, the path you must take, upon your own decisions, etc., or else get ready for your Guvmint supplies.
    “Know thine enemy!”

  11. I hate to tell you this, buddy, but my daughter was in Washington along with my friend, Carol, and it was a very loving, peaceful protest filled with singing, dancing, and a voice for the people until the cops came and things became chaotic. One officer even pushed one of the Congresswoman, the only black Congresswoman from Kentucky, to the side without even speaking to her. She was just standing there singing and holding up a Peace and Justice sign. you need to get your facts straight, buddy. The police force was invented to capture runaway slaves that left the south to go north to freedom. Black Lives Do matter. All lives matter. people of all races and religions need to be treated with the same love and respect that we wish for ourselves. Just like Jesus says in the Bible”Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.” and Love your neighbor. he does not say “Love him only if he is a Republican, a Democrat, or a white man or woman.. Your platform is not backed up by facts, and only creating more division than unity and respect for all lives. God lives equally in everyone.

    1. Actually the only police force elected by the people to enforce the people’s laws is a county Sheriff. One other group having police power is the Secret Service and they were set to exist in our constitution. All others are appointed by a politician and their first action is for the person/group that appointed them.

      1. And,then-you had the KKK,which was ALL Democrats.They have tried for years to blame that on the Republicans! SORRY but my g,mother (a staunch Dem)was a member! (NOT my g,father).Thankful my dad’s family was Republican! He kept me straight!!!

  12. Black lives matter? Only when police kill a black man . . . if he is killed by one of his own race, it is ignored! Why is that? Do Black lives really matter to many blacks? or is it simply an excuse for anti-American elements to create havoc and mayhem with impunity?! According to the Washington Post in 2016, officers are less likely to pull a gun on a black perp than they are on a white perp. Other studies show that more whites are killed by blacks 13% of the population than blacks are killed by whites! Do any of these riots have one whit to do with saving American lives, trying to keep young people in decent schools, off the street and out of crime? I can understand peaceful demonstration after that heinous video, but adults to stop and think, every time in recent years there is a disturbance, it is taken over by outside, lawless groups that are in it for money, hatred, vengeance, whatever, but nothing to do with the horror that happened in Minnesota.

  13. Out of respect for the slain gentleman, you should have gotten his name right in the second paragraph; Dorn, not Dobbs. Turn off your autocorrect.

  14. Its all about the illiberal athiestic progressive elite who think there should be no holds barred tactics on thier illegal actions up to and including coordinating with groups like Antifa. THier goal remains to achieve control of America no matter what the cost. And if that means death on the streets, so be it.
    This group of mad people will resort to anything, because they are under the impression that even under martial law, thier cohorts in the deep state will still be in control behind the scenes.
    We need all hands on deck, including those who have gone to ground. Re-elect Trump. And the Pence.

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