Watch Stacey Abrams Peddle Herself as the VP Pick of Choice

Watch Stacey Abrams Peddle Herself as the VP Pick of Choice

The left has a rapidly developing fascination with Stacey Abrams that we have yet to make sense of. This fascination is bound to collide with their growing love of AOC soon enough, though. By the time the 2024 and/or 2028 primary rolls around, they are going to have a very tough decision to make.

Abrams is probably not the best fit as the vice president for any of the remaining Democratic candidates this year. However, that has not stopped her from trying to throw her hat into the ring. We applaud the initiative. It’s rare to see someone place their ambitions on full display like this.

She will suck up to any candidate if she thinks that there is a chance they will choose her as their VP. Abrams has zero spine and no convictions. She’ll go wherever she is wanted. On a certain level, it is somewhat smart to push her interests. After all, a closed mouth does not ever get fed.

If she ends up getting passed over, it is no big deal. If she gets chosen, then she looks like a genius. This is a win/win scenario for Abrams. After she decided to bang on the voter suppression drum after her near-miss in the Georgia governor race, it would look bad for her to be left out. She’s positioned herself well, that is for sure.

She’ll simply have to overcome the awkward fit with the remaining nominees. It’s hard to imagine Elizabeth Warren choosing her. We also highly doubt that Warren has any sort of real shot at the nomination. In a perfect world, she would be best paired with the standard-issue Democratic nominee.

You know the type. Abrams would work well with the typical center-left Democrat. A middle-aged white guy could probably use the help that she would provide. Unfortunately for her, no such candidate actually exists this year. There’s no one who needs her assistance when it comes to diversity and the progressives have already cast their lot with Bernie.

Klobuchar makes a bit of sense but it’s tough to see an all-female ticket getting much traction when it comes time to face Trump. Bloomberg, Biden and Sanders are all much too old for Abrams’ assistance to mean all that much to them. There are serious doubts whether any of these men would be able to survive their term. At that point, people would have serious reservations about leaving the presidency to someone as inexperienced as Abrams.

Biden is already losing his marbles and Sanders is experiencing fairly serious heart issues. Bloomberg is the most likely choice and Abrams is already kissing up to him. In her mind, it is okay to buy an election because these things are fine as long as we know where the money is coming from. She wants to be chosen so badly that she’ll stand next to anyone.

Bloomberg could also use help from a diversity standpoint. He’s already facing a great deal of criticism because of his past comments on “stop and frisk”. Thanks to Abrams’ progressive points, he might be able to sway a few voters who are on the left as well.

As for Mayor Pete, there is no chance that he would choose her. He’s already considered to be too young and green for the job and has nothing to gain from choosing someone with a similar level of inexperience. Buttigieg is more likely to go the Obama route and choose a seasoned older VP to his ticket, in order to assuage these types of fears.

No matter what happens over the next few months, it is certain to be entertaining. Abrams is not going to stop campaigning for the VP slot and she clearly does not care who chooses her. We can’t wait to see if her recent comments about Bloomberg are able to catch his eye. If there is one candidate left that could definitely use her help, it is him.

Would the left be willing to get on board with Bloomberg if he chooses Abrams? That is an even more interesting question. They may view this type of selection as a form of pandering and to be honest, they wouldn’t be wrong. If Bloomberg is going to successfully purchase an election, he had better find a good running mate, though.

Hillary Clinton simply isn’t going to cut it. The American people are sick to death of her and even the left won’t be able to talk themselves into her. In the meantime, Abrams will do everything in her power to fill the void.


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