Watch: The Incredible Impact The First Step Act Has On American Families

Watch: The Incredible Impact The First Step Act Has On American Families

Clinton Stewart was finally granted his release from prison and President Trump played a key role. He was the one who made sure that the man was granted clemency. This is one of the most important roles that a President can possibly play. Granting clemency is one of the best ways to right the previous wrongs of the American legal system.

No legal system is infallible but America works overtime to make sure that everyone receives the help that they need. However, Obama had his chance to make sure that Clinton Stewart was freed and said no. This is pretty ridiculous when you stop to consider some of the other things that he did while he was in office.

Enough about Obama, though. All Clinton did was refuse to pay some corporate bills and from there, seven years of his life were taken away from him in an instant. Trump’s First Step Act is already having a very profound effect. The scene when Stewart was released from prison was an incredible one. His daughter was there and so were a multitude of supporters.

We cannot even begin to imagine the emotions that his daughter was experiencing at this time. What if you lost your father for seven years over crimes that were not worthy of such a punishment? The fact that she was still able to walk with her head held high is amazing enough. Once Clinton emerged, he started a “Trump! Trump! Trump!” chant.

This man’s appreciation for what has taken place is a joy to see. This is the side of the Trump administration that does not get enough coverage. Even when he tries to help others, it always gets overshadowed by the whining about what he has supposedly not done in the past. We are not going to lie to you, it gets pretty tiring after a while.

The Washington Post claimed that only a Democratic president would be able to save Stewart. They are certainly eating their words now, that is for sure. That’s okay. It’s the Washington Post and they are probably used to being wrong all of the time at this point anyway.

Trump is not just here to pay lip service to the idea of reforming the criminal justice system. Instead, he is walking the walk. Other candidates excel at talking the talk but Trump is never talking because he is too busy walking. The Democrats are going to have a hard time living this one down.

They are the ones who view themselves as the ultimate heroes of the American justice system. The Democrats have never been able to help anyone and yet they have so much to say about the Republicans. Perhaps they should be taking cues from Trump here. He is the one who has actually been able to get the necessary results.

If not for Trump’s passing of the First Step Act, this man never would have been able to hug his daughter outside of the confines of prison. There is also a common denominator when it comes to all of Trump’s criminal justice assistance that goes neglected when it comes time for the liberal media to discuss it.

The so-called racist is responsible for the release of numerous black inmates that struggled to get a fair shake from the government before he came along. There is no reason why he should not be getting the praise that he deserves for helping all of these people to return home to their friends and loved ones.

Without his help, we shudder to think of what would happen to these inmates. Clinton Stewart is just the latest example of the awesome power of Trump. That’s why he started the chant right away. He wanted the world to know who was truly responsible for allowing him to enjoy this embrace with his daughter.

All of this is setting up to cause a rude awakening for the Democrats in the 2020 election. They may have assumed that they had all of the minority voting blocs sewn up already but nothing could actually be further from the truth. It is time for the party to go back to the drawing board.

They can’t just accuse Trump of racism anymore and have it make any sort of logical sense. Those days are now long over. This amazing story definitely needs to be shared. It is not every day that you get to enjoy a feel-good event like this one. Congratulations to Clinton Stewart on this very momentous occasion. You deserve every moment of freedom, sir.


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