Watch: Virginia Students Fly American Flags To Protest Virginia School Calling Flag Offensive

Watch: Virginia Students Fly American Flags To Protest Virginia School Calling Flag Offensive

A high school principal in Virginia told students that they were not allowed to fly their US flags while they drove into school anymore. The students were told that the behavior was offensive. We are not quite sure how this could be considered offensive but this is a sensitive time that we live in.

All you have to do is love your country and someone gets hot and bothered over it. This is the sort of disgusting nonsense that children are being taught in our nation’s public schools. Instead of being encouraged to be proud of their country, these kids are being asked to live in shame.

That’s what makes this story such an awesome one. For all of the talks about “kids these days”, these children seem to have a better view on things than most adults. They are not going to allow sensitive adults to keep them from displaying their national pride. Hopefully, other children are able to see this story and take note.

When the Virginia high school students were told to stop flying their flags, they did not listen to authority. While most high school students could never get away with flouting the rules like this, it is okay to bend them when they are this asinine. Instead of putting their flags away, they decided that they would form a caravan.

These Franklin County High School students are behaving as any red blooded American would in this scenario. We do not know their parents but we are willing to bet that they are proud. Who wouldn’t be? Children need to learn when to stick up for themselves from a young age. This will keep them from being pushed around by the whiny liberals later on.

It’s a lesson that we all need to learn quickly. Otherwise, national pride might become a thing of the past. The school is located east of Roanoke and Christiansburg. The school’s administrators have been targeting these children specifically. Why would these kids be treated like criminals for being proud to be American?

Local residents rallied behind the children as well, taking pictures of the caravan and sharing them on social media. At least someone sees how ridiculous this is. We are glad that there are good people out there who are willing to step up for what is right. Students should not be taught to hide their love for their country.

We are sure that other countries are probably not telling their children to put their pride away. This is why we are starting to fall behind the rest of the world. These backwards mentalities are causing America to lose its way. If the youth are being taught these horrible lessons early on, what is stopping them from passing them along to their little ones?

This is how silly thought processes are allowed to spread. One day, the flag cannot be flown in public. It’s a slippery slope from there, friends. The next thing you know, Fourth of July celebrations are being canceled because they are “offensive” or children are told that they cannot wear shirts with the American flag on it to school.

All it takes is a few complicit adults to poison the well for children everywhere. Fortunately, this display has allowed cooler heads to prevail. According to the mother of one of the students, she received a phone call from school principal Jon Crutchfield. He says that the whole thing was a major misunderstanding and he does not understand how things got this far. Better late than never, we suppose.

After all, these kids deserve the chance to receive their education without being harassed by overzealous school administrators. Perhaps the principal saw the outpouring of support that the children were receiving on social media and thought better of their initial reaction.

Either way, it is never too late to do the right thing. Now, Congress is looking to assist those who wish to love and respect the flag by passing a bill that will further criminalize any desecration of the flag. If Trump has his way, a bill will be passed that allows anyone who is caught burning the flag to be charged with a felony.

The flag is a symbol of liberty and freedom that needs to remain protected at all times. We just hope that no other students are made to suffer like these kids were. Flag burning is not a right that needs to remain protected and we do not care what the liberals have to say on this one. This is one battle that they need to be sitting out.


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