Welcome to Biden’s America, Where a Dangerous Flag Flies at Embassies Worldwide

The Biden administration has decided that not only will it not negotiate with terrorists, but they’ll also join alongside them.

Black Lives Matter is not just a movement that says that the lives of black people matter. No one has disputed that, ever. Black lives matter, as do the lives of every other color.

Black Lives Matter is also an organization. It is a dangerous organization that has depended on creating division and racism throughout the U.S. They have brought violence to innocent people and businesses all in the name of justice for one man killed through police brutality.

We, as a government, can not allow Black Lives Matter to win.

Yet, the Biden administration disagrees. They enjoy division and racism. And to prove their love for such things, they have allowed the BLM flag to fly at embassies around the world.

The Black Lives Matter organization is riddled with problems that impact the U.S. and how we govern our people. After all, it was founded by someone who is a self-avowed Marxist.

When it was time to mark the one-year anniversary of Gorge Floyd, the U.S. State Department authorized the BLM flag to be displayed at “Diplomatic and Consular posts.” This was authorized, yet the administration didn’t want to publicize it. Instead, a memo was leaked and, then, published by Human Events.

The problem is that there’s a difference between the message that black lives matter and the organization of the same name.

The memo seems to confuse the two, which means that they have inadvertently supported a terrorist organization. Oh, wait, the Biden administration won’t identify BLM as terrorists, even though they’ve been terrorizing innocent civilians and businesses over the past year.

The memo reads, “The Department supports the use of the term ‘Black Lives Matter’ in messaging content, speeches, and other diplomatic engagements with foreign audiences to advance racial equity and access to justice on May 25 and beyond. We encourage posts to focus on the need to eliminate systemic racism and its continued impact.”

This is what’s wrong with the Biden administration. They’re so eager to show that they support systemic racism that they’ll support an organization that tears at the very thread of liberty and freedom.

Biden promised unity, yet his administration is supporting an organization that has shown that they’re not interested in unity.

The administration has listened to BLM to hear that the country is rooted in systemic racism. Therefore, if systemic racism exists, we must identify people of color and ensure that they get treatment above and beyond white people since white people are born racist.

What? None of this even makes sense.

Even as countless black people and communities have come forward to say that systemic racism does NOT exist, the Biden administration claims ignorance.

They’ll allow the “Black Lives Matter” flag to fly on U.S. embassies around the globe without a moment’s hesitation.

What kind of message is that sending to the world?

We allow the terrorists to win. We want to put one color above others. We want to pretend as though racism didn’t exist in our country’s history.

The protests have not gotten us any further toward unity. The only thing they have done is senselessly cause violence. Many of the BLM protests even resulted in black people getting hurt and black businesses getting looted. How is this justice?

BLM is focused more on defunding the police and allowing criminals to run the streets than it is about ending systemic racism.

So, the Biden administration decided to let them win. And “Black Lives Matter” flags flew directly under the U.S. flag over the weekend. Racial justice? Hardly.  It has only shown just how ignorant this administration is.

This has to be one of the most dangerous moves the administration has made. We’ve allowed the terrorists to win. Unity? It’s never going to happen for as long as the liberals stay in charge.


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