What Giuliani Says Could Clear Trump’s Name

What Giuliani Says Could Clear Trump’s Name

Rudy Giuliani, the personal attorney for President Trump, says that there is clear evidence that would implicate both Joe and Hunter Biden. He says that the Bidens were involved in money laundering and bribery in Ukraine. This isn’t just talk, either. According to Giuliani, there’s documented evidence to back it all up.

A series of tweets were sent by the former NYC mayor to lay out the accusations while including a few clips from One America News. He’s working on a documentary series on Ukraine for that network.

The impeachment efforts led by the House Dems, according to Giuliani, are designed to obscure some of the collusion between the Ukrainian officials and US Dems to influence the 2016 election. Additionally, it is to hide some of the corrupt dealings that the Bidens were responsible for during the Obama administration.

Giuliani is quick to claim that there’s no wrongdoing on the part of Trump. He said “after hundreds of hours and months of research” he’s garnered documents and witnesses to reveal the ugly truth behind the impeachment.

Supposedly, there are a few Ukrainian officials who want to testify on the matter. The biggest problem? Oh, they’re being blocked from entering the country at the moment by the State Department. Well, that’s not convenient or anything.

The entire impeachment proceeding is a debacle, and it has been from the very start. So, Biden does something wrong and Trump is the one who is facing impeachment by asking President Zelensky of Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden as well as the 2016 election interference.

Well, the Dems would like everyone to believe that Trump leveraged military aid in order to apply pressure. The problem with that is the transcript for that call was released and there was no pressure. Even President Zelensky himself has come forward to say that he didn’t feel pressured. But, because Schiff is shady and had a whistleblower “mysteriously” come forward with information, there’s suddenly enough for the Dems to move forward with articles of impeachment.

Giuliani has been busy on Twitter saying that there was enough evidence revealed to show that there was corruption that Trump felt it was his duty to ask for the investigation. Impeachment, according to Giuliani, is the Dems’ way of covering the whole thing up.

Trump’s primary defense was that there was legitimate corruption happening. Before sending the country millions of dollars’ worth of aid, he wanted to get an investigation going. After all, Joe Biden threatened the then-president with holding back aid if the investigator looking into Hunter Biden and his company wasn’t fired. What was that about? What was the investigator looking into? Rather than exploring that in greater detail, the Dems would rather go after Trump for even asking about it. The issue with that is that Zelensky, also, felt as though there were issues and had acknowledged that he planned to re-open the investigation.

Although Giuliani can be a bit too passionate at times, coming across as slightly nuts, he does have a few points that need to be made. If there are Ukrainian officials that can shed some light into what happened with the Bidens, they need to be heard. As soon as it comes out that the Bidens were, in fact, responsible for all of the crimes that they are suspected of, the impeachment proceedings will fall apart. The Dems will be so concerned with trying to point the fingers around so that they don’t get prosecuted that there won’t be anyone to move forward with the trial.

The GOP has been saying all along that Trump is innocent, that all of this is a way to get the country to look at Trump instead of the wrongdoings of the Democratic Party. If Giuliani has the proof that is needed, it may prove to be quite an interesting documentary series that he’s getting ready to release.

The real question is, will Giuliani be able to prove that Trump is as innocent as the GOP has been saying or will the Dems mysteriously come up with another whistleblower? A random dossier? They seem to be hell-bent on bringing the sitting president down all because they weren’t able to get Hillary Clinton into office. It seems a bit radical the lengths that they’re willing to go but Trump’s personal attorney seems to be ready to go the same radical lengths in order to prove the president’s innocence to the world.



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