What the House Proposes to Avoid a Shutdown

What the House Proposes to Avoid a Shutdown

As September draws closer the need for the House of Representatives to devise a spending bill that focuses on three major financial areas is ever more pressing.

In order to avoid a serious governmental shutdown, the House needs to come up with a bill that would be acceptable for the Senate and the President to approve. Everyone has agendas that need to be addressed within the spending bill so there will be a lot of debate and changing of the bill before it can be approved.

Sources are claiming that as early as next week the House is set to take up and debate a $1 trillion funding bill. This is a major move for the House as they have struggled to accomplish any tangible result after taking their seats earlier this year.

This is a strong move for them in order to keep from having another shutdown happen. The last shutdown crippled the nation as thousands of people scrambled to make ends meet since they were not getting paid.

The bill that the House is proposing increases funding for the Pentagon and raises money available for domestic agencies that rely on the government for their spending budgets each year.

The Pentagon needs the extra funds in order to effectively face the challenges that the country faces by way of threats and terrorism each year. The money will give them the ability to operate effectively for the coming year.

Once the House passes the bill it would move up to the Senate where the Republicans would go over it to make sure everything is in check before voting to pass it on to the President for signing.

There are many in the Senate that are highly concerned with the issues of overspending, and they want to see a budget that is balanced and debt that is being paid off.

The spending budget is being called a “minibus” for the time being. Some experts are claiming that when it meets the scrutiny of the Republican Senate that it is not likely to well-received.

The spending bill is a bipartisan effort to avoid a shutdown this year. The Democrats will need to work with the Republicans in order to come up with something before the September 30 deadline.

This date is the time when a new budget must be passed or the government would resort back to a budget that is decades old.

Congress has to address budget caps and the need for increased spending before the deadline approaches. If no deal is reached, spending will be cut by the billions. The “minibus” bill has not just financial matters wrapped up in it but also five important bills that are key to being approved.

However, the bill does not deal with anything related to the Department of Homeland Security which is what caused the month-long shutdown months ago.

June marks the time that the Democrats want to start working on the bill. Both sides of the political landscape only have months to navigate through the pile of bills that need to be dealt with before the end of the 3rd Quarter.

Failure on the part of the House to develop a bipartisan bill would send the government into a frenzy as it would have to scramble to find new ways of operating under a reduced budget.

Both sides of House are sharply divided on what areas of the government they should fund.

The military and programs that aid people are just a few areas that are highly debated this year. The Democrats are proposing a bill of $1.295 trillion which is more than the previous budget they proposed last time.

One thing that they would be wise to include is funding for the southern border. All branches of the government need to work together to come up with the right mix for funding the people’s government.

Heath and education continue to be important parts of the agenda that will also need to be addressed before an agreement can be found.

Many agencies are waiting to see if they will receive a much-needed increase before moving forward with plans to engage issues in order to help the country become better than it already is.


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