Where Trump Stands on His Campaign Promises

Where Trump Stands on His Campaign Promises

Like every Presidential candidate President Trump promised a lot of different things and courses of action while running for office. And now voters are wondering where he stands on delivering on those promises.

The President has definitely delivered on some of those promises and working on the others. It is time to fact check the promises of the President of the United States.

Two Years and Counting
Part of a person’s integrity is bound up in their ability to fulfill their promises.

Looking at the Border Wall
So far, the promise to build a border wall to protect the American people from illegal immigration has not been delivered. This is not because the President has forgotten about his promise.

President Trump has been met with fierce opposition from the Democratic left. Determined to see the President fail in his term, the Democratic left has tried to stonewall his progress on building the wall.

President Trump has not backed down to have the wall built. Building the wall is part of a larger plan to protect the American people from illegal immigration and the crime that follows.

The President has instituted a travel ban and other measures to keep illegal immigration under control and to protect the people of the United States.

NAFTA and Other Trading Deals
President Trump promised to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and to pull the country out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This is a promise that he as delivered.

Trump has also placed tariffs on exports from China in the amount of $250 billion. He has put a stop to China ruling the trade wars by putting the people of America first.

Cutting Taxes
This is a second promise that the President has delivered on during his first two years as president. Congress, with support of the President, passed tax cuts that affected millions of people.

Most of the benefits were realized throughout the year. The President and the White House believe that the tax cuts will serve to propel the economy forward for many years to come. There is no debate that the economy is doing extremely well. Skeptics claim that the surge will be short-lived, but only time will tell.

Energizing the Energy Industry
President Trump promised to get behind fossil fuels and support further development of these important fuels.

So far, he has supported the industry by endorsing offshore drilling and expanded drill on public lands. The President has been true to his word on promoting energy and looking to the future.

The promise to repeal “Obamacare” still yet has to be delivered on. The President has repealed certain aspects of the Obama plan by eliminating mandatory payments for certain people insured in other ways.

Opposition was felt on both sides as Trump pushed ahead on repealing the current healthcare bill. The fight is far from over.

Taking Over on Deregulation
President Trump has led the fight to cut out the red tape in politics. This is a promise that President Trump has excelled at.

Some things that the President and Congress has worked together on to deregulate can be seen with the current laws overseeing carbon emissions, the fuel economy, environmentalism issues and other important matter.

At times the courts have gotten involved in an attempt to stop his deregulation, but overall the President has been successful with his promise to deregulate governmental control over key industries.

Dealing with the Judges
One important campaign promise that President Trump made was getting a Judge on the Supreme Court. Working through an intense fight the President saw Judge Kavanaugh appointed to the Supreme Court.

This is definitely a key win for his promises. He has also seen other Judges appointed on various benches. The President’s work on appointing conservative judges has locked in a conservative court for many years to come.

The President of the United States has delivered on many of his campaign promises.

He still has a lot of work to take care of, but he is making progress. He still has to combat political corruption and set limits on certain things that can and cannot be done in Washington.

Time will tell on his ability to continue to deliver on his campaign promises. The President of the United States has and continues to do an awesome job of “Making America Great Again.”


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