White Liberal Hypocrites Freaking Out After BLM Targets Rich Neighborhoods

White Liberal Hypocrites Freaking Out After BLM Targets Rich Neighborhoods

Wealthy liberals love nothing more than pretending that they are standing in solidarity with those who are less fortunate. “We hear you and your feelings are valid” is the type of quote that looks great on social media, for sure. However, these sorts of people always seem to change their tune once the folks that they are talking about arrive in their own neighborhood.

We can all remember how the residents of Beverly Hills reacted once the stores on Rodeo Drive were looted. All of a sudden, the same people who were standing with the protesters decided that they were fed up. Once the protesters arrived in various residential areas, the nervousness reached a fever pitch.

It’s almost like you shouldn’t lie about your support for a movement that you wouldn’t actually touch with a ten foot pole. Eventually, someone is going to call your bluff and that will be that. Of course, the residents were not content to ask them to leave. Instead, they contacted local authorities and had some new rules drafted immediately.

When the protesters were destroying everyone else’s property, it was all well and good. Now that the protests are moving into their neighborhoods, it is time for them to stop. It would be hilarious if it were not so predictable. The Not In My Backyard mentality always seems to rear its ugly head during moments like these.

Why even bother to maintain the tolerant public image when you are going to react like a spoiled child as soon as your precious privilege is threatened? These woke hipster liberals can wear all of the shirts and post on social media about the cause but they want no part of the actual struggle. If that doesn’t sum up white liberalism in a nutshell, we don’t know what does.

An emergency order was issued by the city of Beverly Hills, in an effort to protect their sheltered citizens from the actual consequences of the protests that they claimed to support. Public gatherings of more than 10 people are now banned in the rich neighborhood. Between the hours of 9 PM and 8 AM, the gatherings are off limits.


Of course, exceptions are being made for local residents who still want to have their block parties. The rules are not about putting a stop to gatherings, they are about protecting the feelings (and possessions) of liberal elites. As it turns out, the Black Lives Matter protesters aren’t particularly concerned about these types of orders.


They are going to assemble how they want, where they want. The residents of Beverly Hills are now learning this lesson the hard way. Anyone with a brain could have expected these issues to occur but that’s not part of their normal thought process. You can tell how removed they are from any form of struggle when the mere prospect of someone not following the rules flummoxes them like this.


These activists are highly motivated and looking to make an example of someone. They truly believe that the rich need to be eaten. They are not interested in the legality behind what they are doing. The protesters were in Beverly Hills over the weekend. The loud music was blasting and the orders were being ignored, as they should have been.


When you want to support the protests, you should be supportive of them all of the time. You cannot pick and choose when you want to stand in solidarity with those who are causing societal unrest. The far left has been anti capitalist for some time now, so this shouldn’t come as a shock.

The new vision is going to move forward, whether the Beverly Hills residents are looking to get on board or not. Meanwhile, the Black Lives Matter group is trying their best to get batons and rubber bullets outlawed because they believed to be a violation of their constitutional rights. Good luck with that one.


29 thoughts on “White Liberal Hypocrites Freaking Out After BLM Targets Rich Neighborhoods

  1. What you perceive as hypocrisy demonstrates your bias resulting from your rational viewpoint. The people you label as hypocrites are not. They are Marxists, which is a religion, dogmatic and absolutist. How does this absolve them from your hypocrite label? Karl Marx stated that the only distinctions that matter are class distinctions and the class distinctions that matter are the working class and the ruling class. Those you refer to as hypocrites are the elite, so distinct from the anarchist rabble that they, by a natural Marxist law of nature, inhabit a world so distinct, so separate, it’s remarkable that even the same laws of physics can be applied.

    1. Great burn those Marxist neighborhoods to the ground. Burn those liberal neighborhoods to the ground. beat the heck out of those lily white liberal want-a-be’s Take out Francisco Machado’s neighborhood too. He’s arrogant and needs a good pillaging.

      go BLM go burn one for the kipper! come out BLM burn all the riches rich neighborhoods.

      By the way Dumb Ass Francisco Machado stop putting your own labels on others beliefs when you have no clue what they think. Your a hypocrite and the author was right: they are hypocrites.

  2. This is awesome, I can’t wait until these lowlife hoodlums get to Pathetic Pelosi’s home, rip the gates down and destroy her F-ing $24,000 freezers. Then go to Scumbag Schiff’s home and rip the F-ing place apart.

    1. Me too! hey look I’m part of the me too movement!!!

      Think of all that wine … ahh ah ah … I mean ice cream that will go to waste in peeloosy’s $24,000 freezers!

      I hope those BLM people (which by the way is a hilarious name for a huge group of thugs paid for by the democrat party) burn their way through a whole bunch of these liberal cities richest neighborhood. come on BLM lets see some serious raping, burning pillaging and pedophilia. Show us you are one with Joe Biden.

      Come on BLM show us what Obama paid you for! Burn baby Burn.

  3. You riot in MY neighborhood and you WILL be SHOT ON SIGHT. that goes DOUBLE if you break into my HOUSE . . . You are NOT welcome here. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. Maybe the blacks are starting to figure it out.the Democrats are using them as sheep for their vote. Like the illegals. Mail in voter fraud and big corporations use them as cheap labor..who do u think is paying for the corupt MSM. Not trump. Corporate America..iran is backing the Aoc ,kill whitie. now blm, kill whitie.china wants to rule the world and has big corporate america in their back pocket .its a important time in america to shut down the coruptness that the demrats are supporting..Vote Trump 2020

    1. If they were figuring it out there would not be a BLM. It would require personal responsibility and independent thinking. that just isn’t going to happen.

      Same is true for all the 50 something liberal old white people. they are never going to get a clue. they just are not that bright. They think they are but they are not.

      Just like the 20 and 30 something ANTIFA morons. they are never going to get a clue. It would require them to actually be able to think and take personal responsibility. They are not capable of that.

    2. WASHINGTON — As national security officials and some trade advisers in the Trump administration tried crafting get-tough-on-China policies to address what they viewed as America’s greatest foreign policy challenge, they ran into opposition from an unexpected quarter.

      President Trump himself was undermining their work.

      That has been the underlying tension of the last three and a half years, laid out in blunt language in the new memoir by John R. Bolton, Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser. The book supports what administration officials have said in interviews and private discussions since 2017, and what, in many ways, had been out in the open in Mr. Trump’s fawning statements about China’s authoritarian leader, Xi Jinping, many made on Twitter.

      Taken together, the accounts reveal that there has been no coherent China policy, despite efforts early in the administration by senior aides to frame foreign policy around what they labeled “great power competition,” outlined in their own national security strategy document.

  5. I been saying it, what makes them think they and their families and friends will be safe from this crap if POLICE are gone the criminal radical racially motivated groups of wolves will see that they are unprotected and will attack the sheeple and feast on their blood, these criminals only want to hate, kill, and destroy any one or anything in their way, BLM means Burn, Loot, Murder, if you think these racially motivated Marxist people care about BLACK LIVES, then you are dead from the neck up, because this is about turning OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY INTO A 3RD WORLD SOCIALIST SHITHOLE, nothing more, so be prepared liberals your turn is coming sooner or later you will feel the wrath of the animals you have unleashed with your brain dead STUPIDITY!!!
    All you white people BLM and others are laughing at how stupid you are to help them because it won’t save you from them no matter how much ass you kiss or kneel down too!!!!

    1. Yup exactly. all the dumb ass liberals think some how they are better then the hoards. they all think they are the college girl puttng the flower in the barrel of the national guard rifle at Kent state. Well they are not. they are morons creating the problem. I want BLM to burn their neighborhoods and I will laugh at their tragedy.

      No Bail out for any rioter plagued cities or states. the governments in those places encouraged the protests and did not stop the riots. Let the businesses and property owners sue their city and state officials individually to get compensation.

  6. Not only that why aren’t the BLM targeting black neighborhoods. That is where the major black killing are taking place. May as well start in the actual trouble areas. The blacks that are not improving their status are the ones that do not go out and get jobs to help out. If working it is more difficult to find the opportunities to go out and slaughter fellow blacks which is much worse than any other group ever attacking blacks. Interestingly enough is the large number of whites involved that have not figured out they are white too. BTW, it is not smart to support black supremacy any more than white supremacy.

    1. You ask why the Black Lives Matter gangs aren’t targeting the black neighborhoods? I’ll yell you. They know those neighborhoods are armed and willing to take them down if they mess with them. It’s the whites who want to placate them and try to condone their violent actions as justified. Black neighborhoods are going to protect themselves.

  7. She gets what she deserves and that isn’t enough. Protestors should burn her house down. They should rob her and beat her. They should stand all night in front of her house screaming foul mouth words. The women should be thrown out of office. Why don’t the decent people protest in front of her house for days. People stand up for your state or else it will be lost to morons and your already paying the price and if you do nothing, it will get worse. Get some balls.

  8. “A liberal is a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet”. Not my thought, someone said it way before I did, but it certainly appears to be a valid statement. The liberals give us platitudes about the unfortunate lives of the criminal element until the criminals show up at their doors, then all of a suddenly they get religion and demand protection from those rotten bastards.

    1. Dear Big ED: your quote is from T Wolfe, see below

      If a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged, a liberal is a conservative who’s been arrested.

      Tom Wolfe

      see what a difference in meaning when you screw around with the words of another person.

  9. So did ya learn anything? Different when they come to your house isn’t it?? You supported and allowed burn, loot, murder to do whatever they wanted because it made you feel good. Ya wanted to show blacks that “I’m a good white person. I’m truly sorry for how your people were treated 150 years ago. Go tear up the city, act like the animals you are.” Bet your glad we have a Second Amendment and you are allowed to own a gun to protect yourself, your family, and your home. Bet you’re glad you have semi-automatic rifle, like the one you support banning, because there are several hundred blm walking towards your home n they don’t look happy. Yep, it’s different when they come for you.

  10. Take away Beverly Hills Police, and private security, and they’re in the same boat as the rest of us when it comes to Rioters, Looter, and Burners!
    Yet these people sent 30 million dollars to Minneapolis, to get this Trash out of jail!

    Rioters need to go thru Police, and private security in Beverly Hills, Malibu and Bel Air, just like they did with Police Departments across America, and take what they want, just like they did in other towns and cities across America!

  11. if just half of the liberals in this country served in the military like myself and other veterans this crap wouldnt be happening.i got to pull guard duty on berlin wall while training in germany.the russians hate us,muslims hate us but the democratic party whimps down to countries with socialst rule.used to vote democrat,was told by billy boy clinton,nafta wouldnt affect union jobs,he signed it into law now everythings made in china,obama got in office,didnt do nothing for black folks used them as voting pawns while unemployment sky rocketed and ecomomy tanked.before this pandemic trump had economy booming and blacks as well as whites,hispanics,asians were working.friends take time study civil war history the democrates ARE the racist party.most of the northern generals were republican.president lincoln republican.the replublican way is to make people not to be dependent on government,but to stand on their own two feet and make a living and own up to self worth and responsibility.i havent in some time voted democrat and never will again.i want to ask simple question would jesus christ vote democrate with what they stand for.nuff said

    1. God would be ashamed of both democrats and republicans.
      Remember, Jesus had these same issues when he walked the earth,and he did not support any of the parties…. but the religious conservatives managed to get him destroyed by a state occupying power- Rome- who clearly had no interest in the small world politics of Palestine. Jesus’ own people went after him.
      That being said, do not get all Nazi on me and do your antisemitic Soros rants, because there is no call for hate in the Jesus tent. OK.??? If Jesus can offer his love to everyone, then you can bet we are called to that also.
      As I recall, the kingdom Jesus was talking about was not of this world. Give your coins to Trump, but give your heart to Jesus.

  12. The BLM & Antifa are getting paid to terrorize. They don’t discriminate. Everyone and everything is fair game
    for them. They are like animals on the hunt.They have no conscience and they have been trained to terrorize and destroy.The Democrat Party has propagated this destruction upon the people of this country out of hate and a fanatical desire to get the power of the presidency. They don’t care about the people . There agenda is evil and if or when they get it they will take this country and it’s freedoms down faster that you can ever imagine.

  13. These radical commies need to go after these china backed rich a,holes and dont forget the sports players that knell and disrespect our flag and country. they’re in with propping up china goods and getting big endorsements and racist to boot .

  14. The comments about the article are almost better then the article. I too think it would be justice for Pelosi’s property to receive the wrath of the BLM thugs. She might even want to put back the Confederate portraits in the House.

  15. BLM and Antifa HAVE NEVER KILLED ONE PERSON unlike Trump supporters, the biker gangs, alt right, white supremacists, the Nazis, the Klan, the Aryan Nations, the militia groups, the vigilantes like George Zimmerman and the Georgia father and son, the rogue cops, the survivalists, and the bombers like Tim McVeigh and Eric Rudolph. You need to fear Trump and his destruction of everything in this country, he is a mobster, serial sexual assaulter and now a serial traitor. You need to repent and atone for your sin of backing the effing punk.

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