White Liberal Hypocrites Freaking Out After BLM Targets Rich Neighborhoods

White Liberal Hypocrites Freaking Out After BLM Targets Rich Neighborhoods

Wealthy liberals love nothing more than pretending that they are standing in solidarity with those who are less fortunate. “We hear you and your feelings are valid” is the type of quote that looks great on social media, for sure. However, these sorts of people always seem to change their tune once the folks that they are talking about arrive in their own neighborhood.

We can all remember how the residents of Beverly Hills reacted once the stores on Rodeo Drive were looted. All of a sudden, the same people who were standing with the protesters decided that they were fed up. Once the protesters arrived in various residential areas, the nervousness reached a fever pitch.

It’s almost like you shouldn’t lie about your support for a movement that you wouldn’t actually touch with a ten foot pole. Eventually, someone is going to call your bluff and that will be that. Of course, the residents were not content to ask them to leave. Instead, they contacted local authorities and had some new rules drafted immediately.

When the protesters were destroying everyone else’s property, it was all well and good. Now that the protests are moving into their neighborhoods, it is time for them to stop. It would be hilarious if it were not so predictable. The Not In My Backyard mentality always seems to rear its ugly head during moments like these.

Why even bother to maintain the tolerant public image when you are going to react like a spoiled child as soon as your precious privilege is threatened? These woke hipster liberals can wear all of the shirts and post on social media about the cause but they want no part of the actual struggle. If that doesn’t sum up white liberalism in a nutshell, we don’t know what does.

An emergency order was issued by the city of Beverly Hills, in an effort to protect their sheltered citizens from the actual consequences of the protests that they claimed to support. Public gatherings of more than 10 people are now banned in the rich neighborhood. Between the hours of 9 PM and 8 AM, the gatherings are off limits.


Of course, exceptions are being made for local residents who still want to have their block parties. The rules are not about putting a stop to gatherings, they are about protecting the feelings (and possessions) of liberal elites. As it turns out, the Black Lives Matter protesters aren’t particularly concerned about these types of orders.


They are going to assemble how they want, where they want. The residents of Beverly Hills are now learning this lesson the hard way. Anyone with a brain could have expected these issues to occur but that’s not part of their normal thought process. You can tell how removed they are from any form of struggle when the mere prospect of someone not following the rules flummoxes them like this.


These activists are highly motivated and looking to make an example of someone. They truly believe that the rich need to be eaten. They are not interested in the legality behind what they are doing. The protesters were in Beverly Hills over the weekend. The loud music was blasting and the orders were being ignored, as they should have been.


When you want to support the protests, you should be supportive of them all of the time. You cannot pick and choose when you want to stand in solidarity with those who are causing societal unrest. The far left has been anti capitalist for some time now, so this shouldn’t come as a shock.

The new vision is going to move forward, whether the Beverly Hills residents are looking to get on board or not. Meanwhile, the Black Lives Matter group is trying their best to get batons and rubber bullets outlawed because they believed to be a violation of their constitutional rights. Good luck with that one.


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