Why Fraud Never Pays the Gambler

Why Fraud Never Pays the Gambler

There never seems to be an end to fraud in the United States. It can be seen within the Democratic Party as they fraudulently try to pin crimes on President Trump and it can be seen in the lives of greedy people. When a greedy Democrat finds a way to cheat a person out of their money they will usually go along with the plan. All Democrats want power and money. They will stop at nothing to get it.

The selfish life of a man from Illinois was found to fraudulent over the past few days as it was discovered that he cheated an investor out of $9.6 million. Robert Gorodetsky is a self-proclaimed high-stakes gambler. He is known for his crazy and lavish ways of living. He owns private jets and sports cars and all sorts of other expensive items. All of that lavish living has come to an end as he was arrested and charged with fraud.

Gorodetsky is now facing living in a new home in prison. He will downsize from the lavish homes he is used to living into a small cemented room with a bar over the windows. If he is really good, he might even have a roommate that is worse than he ever could be. He has also been charged with filing a false tax return.

Gorodetsky took a gamble on crime and lost it all. His life is the perfect picture of a successful person losing it all to greed. In 2017, he was pictured on the USA Today in a work that was called “Is this the future face of sports gambling?” He was so successful that people were taking notice of him. But it all went to his big head. He was quickly becoming every Democrats hero.

High stakes gambling takes millions of dollars and wagers them against impossible odds. He was said to have wagered $26 million in 2017. But all of his gut fame would come to a grinding stop as he would be arrested for trying to fraud a person out of millions. It is being discovered that all of his actions and intentions were to get the money out of his investor, so he could live the life of pleasure that he thought was his to have.

All of this story sounds very much like what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders would love to see in America. They want to have the power to take whatever they want from people that have worked hard for their money. They are no different from Gorodetsky. They want to be the ones that live the lavish life at the expense of the American people. Socialism is all about personal greed and hurting people in the process.

Gorodetsky would rationalize his actions as claiming that gambling is more of a lifestyle than it is placing bets. He would make such claims hoping that people would buy into his lies. Part of his downfall came when he tried to identify with athletes. Later on, those athletes would claim that they never knew the little liar.

The story that USA Today would publish about his so-called lifestyle would begin his downfall. He would be banned from many casinos and gambling places. People just did not want to associate with the man. His story opened the door for him to be found a fraud. It was discovered that he used the money in ways that were different from what he would tell his investors.

All the money was used to wager on games and sports events. It was also used to pay for his greedy lifestyle. Materialism and the search for wealth always breed greed and end up destroying the person. The college dropout devised a way to live at the expense of others. All he had to do was get a few people to trust him and the world was his to conquer. The only loser in this story is Gorodetsky. He is the perfect example of the greedy man that took things way to far.


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