Why the ACLU is Working So Hard to Stop the Wall

Why the ACLU is Working So Hard to Stop the Wall

The President made the promise in 2016 to stop the flow of illegal aliens into the United States by building a wall to keep them out. The southern border has mile long gaps that really allow people to walk right into the country.

Even the sections of the border that has a wall type barricade are not deep enough to keep people from digging under the wall and entering the country.

The Democratic led House refuse to cooperate and give the President the funds needed to finish the wall and improve the current sections in place.

The President even declared a national emergency to start building the wall only to be blocked by one liberal judge that declared it was not right for him to build the wall.

The people of the United States want the southern border secured for the nation’s own safety. One veteran decided to start a GoFundMe page that has raised enough money to start building a section of the wall on private land.

Much secrecy had to secured in order to keep organizations that oppose securing the border from blocking their attempts to secure the country.

So far this group has build nearly a mile of secure wall sections which have already started to stop the flow of illegal people, drugs, and crime from entering this nation.

The American Civil Liberties Union, ALCU, has once again graced the scene with their presence in an attempt to stop sections of the wall currently under construction.

The ACLU has been a long time advocate for people wanting to push their own agendas on other people. Their attorneys requested that the court order sections in California and Arizona to stop being built immediately.

The ACLU is using the same court to get what they want regarding the southern border.

This action speaks loudly as to the actions that people will go through to get what they want at the expense of other people. The ACLU really is just picking the court that will give them their desired result because they do not agree with what and how is going on.

The people that are going to be affected by this move are the ones living in fear along those sections of the border. They are tired of people coming into their region and taking advantage of hard-working citizens and committing crimes along the way.

In a filing by the ACLU they have stated that their arguments are the same as the initial court battle.

They said that the wall, “will irreparable harm Plaintiff Sierra Club’s members’ recreational and aesthetic interests in the borderlands they live in, use, and treasure.”

It sounds as if the people complaining really are not concerned about the region as a whole. They are happy with their part of it and do not want it to change.

The challenge to the wall being built is being countered by the Justice Department as they have stated that they will appeal any decision to shut the wall construction down.

Taxpayers are the ones that will feel the burden of the bill as contractors will still be paid during any and all shutdown periods. In El Paso it costs $195,000 per day and in Yuma it cost $20,000 a day for a shutdown.

The House has been reluctant to approve any funding for any new sections of the wall.

So far they have approved $1.4 billion for new barriers but that is only a small amount of what is really needed. The House needs to approve all the funding needed to secure the southern border so America can once again be a safe place to live.

Much of the resistance comes to play in the political circle.

The Democratic leaders are not wanting to cooperate with the President because he does not represent the views that the liberals have for American.

It is time to put views aside and for the nation’s leaders to start working together to make the United States of America a successful nation again.


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