Will It Ever End? Russia Hoax 3.0 Cooked up by Leftwing Crazies in the Media

Will It Ever End? Russia Hoax 3.0 Cooked up by Leftwing Crazies in the Media

If you watched the most recent Democratic debate, then you already know it was quite the spectacle. While the Democrats accomplished nothing of importance (as per their usual), it was hilarious to watch them all gang up on Michael Bloomberg. This tiny man thinks that he can literally buy an election and his brazen behavior makes for good television.

When even Elizabeth Warren is getting in good shots on you, that’s when you know it is time to head back to the drawing board. We digress, though. The party is in total shambles. They are either going to end up with a deranged billionaire or a socialist as their candidate. They seem to be hellbent on blocking Bernie from getting the nomination anyway but that is neither here nor there at this point.

This is the reality that they have chosen for themselves. Now, the leftist media is responding to the issues that they are experiencing in the only way that they know how: by launching another conspiracy theories. We wish that we loved anything as much the leftist media loves launching Russia conspiracies.

CNN is backing it up because of course they are. Why would they ever bother to properly vet their reporting when they can have their anchors get on the air and just say whatever they want? Since the Democrats have yet to let the Russia conspiracy theory from the previous election go, it is only right that they would launch another one in time for this one.

The top election security official from the intelligence community delivered a briefing recently, warning lawmakers of the supposed threat that is about to take place. We wish that we could act surprised. This is just what the left does. When they do not get their way or they sense that they are about to lose, they simply take their ball and go home.

Accusing other people of cheating is all they know how to do. It is their mantra. According to the briefing, Russia is already going to be taking major steps to interfere in the 2020 election. We are not sure why they would need to do that when Trump’s approval rating is at an all time high but hey, it’s not like these people care about facts in the slightest.

All they care about is pushing their various agendas. Instead of realizing that their party is in dire need of a massive overhaul, the Democrats continue to point the finger at anyone and everyone else. It is childish behavior and we wish that they would get it together. This country runs best when both parties are operating at the peak of their powers.

Having one party behave like a bunch of spoiled buffoons is not the way to do things. The New York Times is also in on this report and that is the least shocking aspect of it all. Election security official Shelby Pierson is also responsible for this misinformation. We would like to know how all of these people could be so sure that something like this is happening and yet remain so powerless when it comes time to stop it.

These are the logical questions that the Democrats do not want you to be asking. Russia’s efforts are said to include attacks on election infrastructure, weaponizing of social media and hacking. So why are the Democrats not actually doing anything to protect themselves? That’s because the so called threats are a hoax that is supposed to draw attention away from their own incompetence.

Russia is not even said to be in favor of a Trump presidency. The briefing claims that they are merely looking to expose issues with the nation’s election process. There was even a White House dust up over the briefing last week. Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire was read the riot act by President Trump when the Russian allegations were brought to his attention.

Why would this faulty information be included in one of our most important briefings? We can’t fault Trump for getting annoyed here. He’s had to listen to these Russia allegations for so long without anyone providing actual proof that he has anything to do with them.

We just hope that the Democrats try their best to get it together and stop grasping at straws like this. It did not work during the last election and it is not going to work during this one. In a perfect world, we would have a fair election without anyone crying about foul play. Unfortunately, we live in the furthest thing from a perfect world. We expect more of this type of chicanery in the months to come.


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