Yet Another BLM Activist Shoots Driver in Provo, Utah

Yet Another BLM Activist Shoots Driver in Provo, Utah

Provo, Utah was the site of two dueling rallies last night. While one rally was taking place in support of the police, a counter protest had also begun. Things were able to remain peaceful up until a certain point. Once 8:30 rolled around, things took a turn for the worst. A motorist who was in their SUV had their vehicle surrounded by Black Lives Matter protesters.

The driver tried their best to keep moving, in order to make their way through the crowd. One of the protesters did not want to let them pass, pulling out a gun as a means of intimidation. “Several protesters began crowding around the vehicle,” says John Geyerman. As the deputy police chief in Provo, he was trying his best to keep the gathering under control.

The maniac ran around to the passenger side of the vehicle and let off a shot. The driver attempted to accelerate and get away from the situation. The protester gave chase, firing a second shot into the back of the vehicle as the driver tried to get away. There is also video of the incident. The driver was taken to Utah Valley Hospital for assistance.

We are glad to report that the driver’s injuries were not life threatening. He was even able to drive himself to the aforementioned hospital. Our hearts go out to all of those who are not so lucky when it comes to these types of encounters. There are a lot of protesters out there who do not care about the causes that they claim to be fighting for. They are roaming the streets in search of a problem.

These folks need to realize something very important: they did not stop making guns after they made yours. You may think that you are able to intimidate people with your firearm but eventually, you are going to run into someone who also has one of their own (and is ready to use it at a moment’s notice). The images are stunning and we are sad for this city but at least the driver is okay.

There are not many people who could survive two shots at close range like this. The driver’s life had to be flashing before his eyes at that moment. We are not sure who this man is but a local resident who calls himself Hootie Hennessey is here to provide all of the details. That’s the beauty of Twitter sometimes. This social media platform can provide us with information when no one else is willing to offer it.

According to him, the shooter was involved during each step of the protests and seemed to be very friendly with the other folks who were on the scene. Hootie took video of the shooter but he seems to have gotten spooked since he initially posted the tweet. The tweets about the matter were deleted right away and the man has decided to protect his account from those who are looking to learn more.

Maybe he received threats from the same shooter or people who are affiliated with them? Hootie also took to YouTube to share clips that he had taken. Many of the people in the photo that he posted on Twitter were seen arguing with a woman at the protests. She wanted the protesters to head home but they decided that they would rather call her Karen instead. We hope that the Provo police are asking all of the necessary questions of all parties involved.

These protests are only going to continue to escalate and turn out ugly. As for Hootie, he was even interviewed by the local news when they arrived on the scene. He claims to be a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement but he was not a fan of the things that he saw in the Provo streets last night. Those who behave like this are risking turning away members of their own movement if they continue to shoot up the streets.


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