Yet Another Hoax: Dems Claim Dr. Fauci Was “Muzzled”

Yet Another Hoax: Dems Claim Dr. Fauci Was “Muzzled”

The New York Times and MSNBC love to spread the anti-Trump propaganda. When it comes to Dr. Anthony Fauci, they are no different. They wanted everyone to believe that the doctor had been “muzzled” by Vice President Mike Pence. According to the liberal media, Dr. Fauci was looking to offer information on the COVID-19 epidemic.

If you let them tell it, Dr. Fauci was going to pass important information along but Pence decided to block it. The New York Times even offered a quote that supposedly came from the White House. Dr. Fauci had been instructed not to offer any additional information on the matter without being given the proper clearance.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was on the case, as you would expect. However, Dr. Fauci threw a big bucket of cold water on the liberal speculation. He said that the quote was misconstrued and that makes far more sense than the initial reports did. The man is not being muzzled.

In the meantime, Vice President Pence will still be heading up the administration’s response. Trump’s recent White House press conference also addressed the concerns that were associated with the muzzling claims. Trump called the line of questioning dishonest. He says that Dr. Fauci can essentially do whatever he wants to do.

Trump was not content to merely dismiss the claims. This would have been good enough for most of us. Dr. Fauci was also summoned to the stage to address the muzzling reports and he stood with Trump. What the liberal media may not have known is that Dr. Fauci is not exactly new to these sorts of concerns.

He has been working with presidents ever since Ronald Reagan was in office. It is hard to believe that he would allow someone to muzzle him now. All he did was follow normal procedure and that was not enough for the liberals. At first, he was ready to make television appearances to discuss the spread of the virus.

Once Vice President Pence took over the initiative, he stood down out of respect. No one told him to do so. Once some time had passed, Dr. Fauci applied to the necessary clearance to go on television and was approved. It would have been nice to get the real story from the beginning. That is not how the liberal media does things, though.

They will misrepresent what goes on and make us pick up the pieces. Dr. Fauci is working in the perfect capacity. As the head man for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, he has the experience necessary to see us through. He’s the best possible point man when it comes to providing any and all COVID-19 updates.

As a 79-year-old man, he is not the sort of person who likes to make overly dramatic statements. He’s got the best type of demeanor for these types of situations. Dr. Fauci is not the type to panic and that is exactly what we need at times like this. He wants to make sure that everyone remains calm during these tense times.

There are already enough people out there who are looking to engage in the usual fear-mongering. It is nice to have access to the right information. He let the nation know that most COVID-19 contractions will not result in hospitalization. The symptoms can be treated in the same manner as the common cold. This is a far cry from the information that the liberal media has to offer.

While there are outliers that need to be addressed, that does not mean that the American people have to be worried. The administration is doing everything in its power to keep us safe. That is all that matters. Elderly patients who have compromised immune systems may need more assistance than their younger counterparts.

The Trump administration has worked tirelessly to ensure its ability to speak in one voice. No one is allowed to simply get on television and say what they feel. Everyone presents a united front and that is what it’s all about. When President Trump finally gave his press conference, he was flanked by all of the necessary officials.

This is the sort of solidarity that we need during times of crisis. Everyone needs to be pulling in the same direction so that there is zero confusion. Regular press conferences are going to be held as well. No one is going to be forced to change their lifestyles. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please be sure to visit your primary care physician.


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