Yet Another US Professor Arrested for China Spying Ties

Yet Another US Professor Arrested for China Spying Ties

A professor from the University of Arkansas has found themselves in hot water recently. The crime that they are being accused of is a rather serious one. Allegedly, the professor had decided to conceal the connections that he has to the Chinese. Dr. Simon Ang was receiving NASA grant money at the time, which is a major conflict of interest.

The Chinese were rounding up all sorts of American academics and pumping them for information. Their Thousand Talents program was designed to find out more about what is taking place over here and Dr. Ang is just one of many professors who find themselves in serious trouble because of it.

Can you believe that five American professors are alleged to have participated in this affront to our democracy? Dr. Ang is facing charges of wire fraud and he’s got a long road ahead of him from a legal standpoint. No one can claim that the professor did not know what he was doing either.

He took the time to speak with one of his associates who was aware of this affiliation, telling them that they needed to be quiet. We do not wish to play judge, jury and executioner here but this does not look good for the professor. The financial arrangements that were put into place between him and China were kept secret for the duration of their partnership as well.

Simon Ang of the University of Arkansas, was arrested on Friday and charged on Monday with wire fraud. He worked for and received funding from Chinese companies and from the Thousand Talents program, which awards grants to scientists to encourage relationships with the Chinese government, and he warned an associate to keep his affiliation with the program quiet, court papers said.

He kept the financial arrangements secret, allowing him to secure other grants from American government agencies, including NASA, that the Chinese funding made him ineligible for, according to court documents.

The other professor, Dr. Xiao-Jiang Li, a former professor at Emory University in Atlanta, pleaded guilty on Friday to a felony charge of filing a false tax return that omitted about $500,000 that he received from the Thousand Talents program. He was sentenced to a year of probation and ordered to pay $35,089 in restitution.

Professors who are willing to accept money from the Chinese are ineligible for any additional US grants but that did not stop Dr. Ang from making this terrible decision anyway. This whole sordid affair begs the question: how long did he think that he was going to be able to get away with this for?

Dr. Xiao-Jiang Li is another professor who is currently trying to dig himself out of an awful legal predicament. He was once a professor at Atlanta’s Emory University. This doctor was charged with a felony for filing a false tax return. As it turns out, he was trying to keep his Chinese funding a secret from the IRS, too.

Who would have thought that they wouldn’t look kindly upon that? Dr. Li received $500,000 from the Thousand Talents program and wrongfully assumed that he would be able to conceal it from the rest of the world. These treasonous professors are going to find it hard to explain away their crimes in a court of law, that is for sure.

Luckily for Dr. Li, he was able to escape without major punishment. He was sentenced to a year of probation and ordered to pay over $35,000 in restitution. This professor is the one who was asked to remain silent by Dr. Ang. He and his wife were terminated from the aforementioned university last spring, rightfully so.

How can any university allow for this sort of behavior to take place on their campus? The worst part of all is that Dr. Li had the chance to admit to his wrongdoing before things reached this point and elected not to. He disputed the claims when they were first made by Emory but a $500,000 payout has a way of making people say things that are not exactly true.

He even claimed to have disclosed the research he was doing in collaboration with China but that hardly seems true. We can’t see any American university being okay with that. It’s become very clear to everyone with eyes that he was lying the whole time.

Franklin Tao found himself in similar trouble with the University of Kansas. He signed a five year contract to work with a university in China and concealed the news from everyone. An indictment was filed against Tao and his attorney back in January. His attorney is trying to tell a different story about what took place, to no avail.

Meanwhile, Harvard professor Dr. Charles Lieber was placed on administrative leave for accepting funding from the same program that has gotten all of these other professors in so much trouble. There’s also the story of Anming Hu, an associate professor at the University of Texas who was also reporting to Beijing.

Chinese nationals are going to try to use their positions to engage in spy operations. It is up to American professors to think twice before they decide to start participating in espionage. All of this makes us wonder how many professors are currently engaging in the same practice who have not been caught yet. Now that the dominoes are starting to fall, it is only a matter of time before they are brought to justice.


25 thoughts on “Yet Another US Professor Arrested for China Spying Ties

  1. Ang is an enemy spy so he needs to be executed. He should be tortured first though. We need to send a message to Iran and other countries to not fuck with us.

  2. Doesn’t seem like the government is as concerned as we would expect! If someone was taking money from China to steal secrets and or commit espionage etc why a light probation sentence and fine? They should have had the book thrown at them. Other countries execute those who commit these type crimes or at best lengthy jail times. Why are we so lenient allowing other countries to steal our secrets?

    1. Trump has known about China undermining the U.S. for many years. What happens when he speaks the truth about China? Dems have a lot of explaining to do. Dems need to shut up with their criticisms – especially when it comes to China.

  3. Geee Whizzz — is he a Chinc ??? We know he is to the left side of the jackasses and screws our kids in college
    with the Bolshevik junk and brainwashing. Sometimes I think we citizens are just friggen stupid to let all this
    crap with our schools and these liberal commies get away with all this shit for the past 30 years. Too bad we
    did away with public executions, if the younger kids and commies here could see a hanging (kicking- type off a good old horse) or a good old firing squad from citizen volunteers — maybe we could clean up the country from these rats.

  4. There needs to be a security auditing system put into place to see that funds go to the right places, and tha would include the sources of research grants!
    This is just ludicerous , how we are being spied on, and having our intellectual property ripped off !
    I would go as far as banning foreign exchange students from China.
    Furthermore I bet you Dr. Simon Ang is not the only one !

  5. In the good old days a spy was executed. After they were executed they were no longer a problem! Oh how we long for the good old days.

  6. How Dumb have we become? And our politicians collect their paychecks and we do nothing to make them accountable ! Vote them in year after year! God Help Us!!

  7. And we continue to educate the Chinese in all our best secondary Private schools because they pay full tuition…then they go to our BEST colleges, get a high powered job here with lots of influence and steal all our secrets before heading back to China! Been doing it for 30 years! You think we would have caught on before this??

  8. Was he borne in China? then send him back to China, Strip him of his American Citizenship ….case closed.

  9. The man committed a crime. This academic cross-cultural exchange is something that both Robert Spaulding & Francis Boyle have touched upon as it is a means China uses to steal intellectual property. It links with our economy hemorrhaging money to China while crony global corporatists….many of whom are Americans, enrich themselves while our freedom dies. There are many who took money from China: many of whom sit in our Congress and Senate. The media favors China. China trades on our stock exchange without being held to the same reporting standards as other countries. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of NIAID granted funding for the bat coronavirus research in China after it had been under moratorium here for being dangerous and with no benign use. With regard to this man having Chinese features: anyone with family in China understands what happens to your family members if you say ‘no’ to China. Americans seem not to understand that. All the corruption that we are seeing in our own country and even the Clinton body count pales in comparison.

    All these things need to be dealt with ….and no holds barred for governmental officials and public employees. Bottom to top and top to bottom. No favoritism.

  10. It is a sad situation!!!! When I was completing my last four years of my 20 years active service with the U.S. Navy in the early 1970″s, I had a chance to complete my ADVANCED degree at CASE Western University, Cleveland, Ohio attending night school classes after my regular 8 hour duty at U.S. Finance office (located at the federal building downtown Cleveland). My classmates in the program of almost 50 students were all foreigners except five of us U.S. citizens. The school gets funding for our advanced degree researches. Though foreign students pay their tuitions or their respective government pay the tuition, the students retain the education and research experiences. Most of them after graduation, go back to their respective countries with
    valuable education they obtained. Some stayed and employed in U.S. companies and some became professors in different U.S. colleges and universities. There is always, that money temptation. I just hoped, our elected officials pass the law to stop Foreign student visas especially from China.

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