Young Voters Are Falling for Bernie, but They Don’t Show up to Vote

Young Voters Are Falling for Bernie, but They Don’t Show up to Vote

Bernie Sanders makes so many bold claims and we have a tough time keeping track of all of them. One of the main claims that he is constantly making has to do with his supposed appeal to the young voters out there. He seems to believe that he is going to be able to get young people to the polls in record numbers.

Sanders thinks that if he repeats this claim often enough, it is going to come true. For all we know, he does have the support of young voters. If he does, his poll numbers do not reflect that. His candidacy is in major trouble if this is the case. Super Tuesday showed just how far he has to go in this regard.

The young voters that he claimed to have in his pocket were not willing to actually, you know, go out and vote. That is going to pose a problem for Bernie. Older voters are able to see through his shtick a lot more easily. If he can’t trick the younger voters into supporting him, where are his votes even going to come from?

From the looks of it, they are far more willing to attend his rallies and spread his anti-establishment rhetoric on social media. Someone go ahead and tell the kids that their tweets do not actually count as votes. They are going to need to put down the smartphones and head to the polls if they want Sanders to have a fighting chance.

The passion that they display when it is time to argue with Republicans on social media is not translating to the polls. Joe Biden has had a strong showing and has resuscitated his chances. Sanders fans probably thought that he was dead in the water. They are receiving a powerful reminder about the importance of name recognition.

Now that Bloomberg, Klobuchar and Mayor Pete have dropped out to endorse Biden, Bernie has an uphill battle to fight. The moderate voters that they were siphoning from Biden are now back in his corner. They do not even care that Biden is slowly losing his marbles in front of us. The former vice president has gone from dead man walking to front runner.

Bernie Bros should have probably put their phones down and stopped sending rude tweets for a minute or two. The older voters are taking it upon themselves to show up and the younger voters must have assumed that they already had this one in the bag. They are showing up at a lesser rate than they did back in 2016.

That is not going to cut it for a candidate like Sanders. He’s essentially hung his hat on anti-establishment rhetoric. Most of the states that were up for grabs on Super Tuesday ended up going to Biden. It will be tough for Bernie to recover from these losses. He is placing his bets with the young people and these are not voters who can be relied upon.

Even when they show up to the polls, they are often intimidated by the long lines. They do not have the attention span to handle a long wait time. That’s why they are always online, pushing for voting methods that keep them from ever having to leave the house. Apparently, they want it to be even easier for foreign powers to meddle in our nation’s elections.

If Sanders cannot connect with the older voting bloc and he cannot get the youth to turn out, that leaves him in a precarious position. Biden may be able to cakewalk to the nomination after all. He was looking desperate himself a few weeks ago and now the tide has turned. Unless Bernie is able to convince youngsters to get out and vote, he is not going to have a serious chance of winning the nomination.

Sanders is not completely finished yet. There are other states that may allow him to rally in the same manner that Biden did. Florida and Michigan are highly crucial states in this regard. If he cannot win these states, it will be time for him to take a long, hard look at where his campaign is going. Biden may not even break a sweat at that point.

Bernie is learning a very hard lesson about what can happen when you decide to place too much stock in the whims of young voters. Sure, they are more than happy to tweet on your behalf but when does that tweeting turn into action? Near as we can tell, these kids are going to stay home and continue to support Bernie in ways that do not truly move the needle.


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