Buttigieg Feels It’s OK To Let Illegal Immigrants Into Country Since We Stole The Land From Them

Buttigieg Feels It’s OK To Let Illegal Immigrants Into Country Since We Stole The Land From Them

Reverend William Barber of Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina played host to Pete Buttigieg on Sunday. A Q&A session followed the services, too. When the left-leaning pastor talked about Mexican illegal immigrants returning to the “land we stole,” Buttigieg was seen nodding in agreement.

Reverend Barber has preached that terms such as “illegal alien” is not human and not Christian. The problem with this is that the term “illegal alien” is not meant to offend. It is simply a legal term to represent that the person is in a country that they don’t belong and they are in that country illegally, hence the use of the term. If someone doesn’t want to be classified as an illegal alien, they need to follow the correct immigration procedure or return to their home country.

Buttigieg has been facing a constant battle of not receiving enough support from black voters. Recent polls have shown that he is receiving less than 1 percent of support within South Carolina from black voters. South Carolina is important due to it being an early primary state. It shows troublesome for Buttigieg considering other candidates such as Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden have a significant amount of black support.

This is when Buttigieg turned to Barber, knowing that they are both civil rights activists. Barber wanted to ask a number of quick rapid-fire questions.

One of the questions that Barber asked was whether Buttigieg believes it’s important to stop allowing forces to “demonize people” trying to get their immigration status and lifting the ways that they benefit the country. Specifically, he was referring to the taxes they pay and the money that goes into Social Security.

Buttigieg claimed that the “uncomfortable reality” is that there are undocumented individuals who are subsidizing Social Security for everyone else. However, these are the same individuals who are draining other resources, including welfare – but the mayor from South Bend, Indiana doesn’t want to talk about that.

Barber also said that it was important to talk about how calling people “illegal aliens” was certainly not Christian. He wants people to own in America that many of the people are trying to come from Mexico to the “land we stole.”

Rather than Buttigieg arguing the fact that the land was not stolen and that people from Mexico need to follow immigration law, he sat upright in his seat and nodded in his seat while the audience clapped.

Is this to say that Buttigieg would like to see open borders? After all, if he’s going to nod in agreement that illegal immigrants are simply trying to reclaim the land stolen by the US, they should have access to that land readily, right? It’s not as if many of the legal immigrants are committing other crimes, including sexual assault and murder.

Throughout the Q&A session, Barber worked to keep Buttigieg’s homosexuality out of the equation as it is one of the reasons why he is not connecting with black voters. Many black voters tend to trend toward socially conservative, and a gay president would not follow this conservative angle.

The pastor also dismissed the “false narrative” dividing black and LGBTQ voters. Following the service, he explained that any tension being portrayed is not factual.

According to the New York Times, the presidential candidate has only six endorsements from black or Hispanic elected officials. Meanwhile, many of his running mates have considerably more. Biden has 154, Bernie Sanders has 91, and even Cory Booker has 50. This means that he is struggling considerably – though he probably hasn’t helped his cause any by nodding in agreement that illegal immigrants have a right to the land that the United States has stolen.

Buttigieg and every other Democrat needs to realize that there are borders in place. These borders are well-established, so every Mexican, Honduran, and any other non-American is well aware of these borders and what happens if they cross them illegally. However, thousands of people continue to cross the borders – and not all of them are trying to regain their homeland.

Many are looking to escape crimes they have already committed in their home country and commit many more in the United States. Further, many are looking to use the resources of the United States without paying into it. If Buttigieg is going to nod in agreement that all of this is okay, he is going to lose out on more than just the black vote as most Americans have said that they don’t want open borders.


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