The House’s $1.4 Trillion Spending Deal

The House’s $1.4 Trillion Spending Deal

$1.4 trillion is a significant amount of money. Apparently, that’s the amount of money it will take for the United States to function for the rest of this year and through the majority of 2020. It’s more money than what will actually be brought in through taxes, which is why the federal deficit is about to grow. The only positive takeaway with the whole ordeal is that the government won’t have to shut down as it has in years past.

The House is controlled by the Democrats, which is why they have approved so much in federal spending. They’re a lot more liberal about a lot of things, including how money is spent. They’re not too concerned if it adds to the federal deficit because the Democratic Party has a long history of contributing to it instead of helping it. Even the current Democratic candidates for the presidency aren’t talking about the deficit.

The bill was approved as a way of avoiding the government shutdown. Some of the funding provides for a border wall. They also strip the Affordable Care Act taxes, raise the minimum age for the purchase of tobacco products, and give Dems everywhere money for a variety of domestic programs. These programs are concessions that the Republicans had no choice to make in order to avoid a government shutdown. Additionally, since the Dems control the House, there wasn’t a whole lot that could be done in general.

While the House is dealing with the impeachment of President Trump they have also approved all of the 12 spending bills that were in front of them. The bills will be sent to Senate later this week in order to get the final mark of approval.

Nita Lowey, the chair of the House Appropriations Committee, announced that she’s proud of being able to come together for a bipartisan agreement and negotiate through some of the differences. She’s hoping that the investments will strengthen the nation and provide Americans with a better chance “at a better life.” While it is a bipartisan agreement, particularly in regards to giving Trump money for the border wall, there are still a number of things that favor Democrats as opposed to Republicans in the approved bills.

The White House has already identified the Trump will be signing the measure. This will ensure that the government is kept open, according to White House advisor Kellyanne Conway.

A number of add-ons were included over the weekend to include a permanent repeal of attacks on various health insurance benefits and pension benefits for retired union coal miners. Taxes on various other things will be repealed permanently as a result of the new bills, too.

The deficit for the bill package will be growing tremendously as a result of $428 billion in tax cuts over the next 10 years due to the various Affordable Care Act taxes being repealed.

Based on all that was passed, it’s very obvious that there is a division in Washington. The Republicans stood strong on various abortion-related battles as well as funding the border wall. Meanwhile, Democrats were able to win a 3.1% raise for federal civilian employees as well as funding for gun violence research.

The House Rules Committee had a marathon session to ensure that the bills were passed. It also enabled them to focus on the articles of impeachment against Trump – which resulted in a vote to impeach.

While it’s a good thing that the spending bills have been passed to avoid a government shutdown, all could have gone a lot better. Both sides had to concede a bit to avoid shutting down, which means that the federal spending package is far from perfect. What makes the $1.4 trillion spending package that much harder to stomach is the fact that there are billions of dollars’ worth of tax cuts – something that the House Dems insisted upon in order to get everything passed.

Once Donald Trump is able to sign off on the spending bills, it will provide the necessary funding for the government to operate until September 30, 2020. At that point, it will be necessary to start everything all over again. As to how that will go, it is all dependent on who has the power.

Right now, we have to prepare for tax cuts, a lot of spending (some of which are in the wrong areas), as well as the deficit to grow dramatically. The Dems will simply blame the growing deficit on Trump as he has become their scapegoat for all that goes wrong on Capitol Hill.



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