Border Patrol Injured By Rock Thrown At Patrol Car

Border Patrol Injured By Rock Thrown At Patrol Car

An agent at the Border Patrol was injured this week because of someone throwing a rock at the patrol car he was driving. The US Customs and Border Protection tweeted some photos on Monday that showed the agent with a gash on his face. The shattered glass sat on the passenger seat.

Unfortunately, incidents like this are common at the border.

The Injuries

The US Customs and Border Protection shared that agents face a number of dangers when they maintain the security of the nation. While Democrats would likely cry that it’s not the immigrants’ fault that this happened, the easier question would be to ask who is at fault? It was an immigrant who picked up the stone. It was an immigrant who threw the stone. This sounds like a pretty cut and dry case.

The agent who was hit by the stone has a large gash above his left eye because of the velocity at which it was thrown.

There have been countless injuries like this one. On New Year’s Eve, over 150 migrants tried to climb the fence. They threw rocks at authorities. While over a dozen were apprehended, there were still others who weren’t. And those rocks caused a number of injuries, including knocking a Border Patrol agent off of the ATV that he was driving.

Not the First Time…

It’s not the first time that migrants have been dangerous. It won’t be the last time, either. The whole “they’re trying to seek asylum from the dangerous living conditions of their home country” excuse doesn’t go very far when they’re assaulting their way into the country. If they really wanted to seek asylum, there would be several things happening. One, they’d follow the rules to asylum. Two, they’d show up for their hearing so that they could receive the proper documentation. Neither of those things is happening.

Most of the migrants are violent. Stones are the mildest of weapons that the Border Patrol agents have been faced with. Each year, there have been at least a few agents to die. It’s one of the reasons why Trump has talked about a wall in the first place.

The Solution

If only there was a way to prevent migrants from simply climbing a fence and entering the United States illegally. If they’re literally able to climb a chain link fence, there needs to be a stronger solution.

Oh, wait. There’s always the possibility of building a wall that helps to divide Mexico from the United States.

A border wall went up under President Clinton’s reign. It was between Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, California. There were also more Customs and Border Patrol agents than ever. Clinton announced that they have strengthened border security beyond what many thought was possible.

In 2006, Senators voted to fund a wall. Some of the Senators that voted in favor of it including Obama, Schumer, and Hilary Clinton. But wait, those are Democrats. Clearly, that must be wrong because Democrats are not in favor of a border wall. They don’t have an issue with immigration.

Actually, they are in favor of a border wall, as their votes would show. They’re just not in favor of it going up when Trump is in office. Obama made a speech on the floor in 2006 to say that better security and better fences were needed to stem the tide of illegal immigration. This means that it wasn’t even Trump’s idea to build a wall. He’s simply pushing momentum on something that Obama called for over a decade ago.

Hold on, so immigration was a problem a decade ago? Why didn’t Obama do anything about it, then? If he had built the wall (like he suggested it needed to be done in 2006), all of this could have been in place already. The wall would have prevented so many migrants coming over to supposedly seek asylum.

Since 2006, 29 Border Patrol agents have died. This is, apparently, okay with the Democrats since they’ve been fighting Trump so hard to increase the funding for border security and a wall. The only one really looking out for the agents is Trump.

How many more agents have to be killed by migrants before Capitol Hill realizes that there really is a problem at the border? Maybe if AOC came to cry at the wall and got injured by a rogue stone, they would start to find the money.

It might have been a rock today, but what if it’s a machine gun tomorrow? Yeah, there’s definitely a problem here.


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