Biden Focuses on Gun Control Without Looking at the Facts of Pulse Shooting

We cannot focus on gun control without looking at the facts.

Who is being killed? Who is the one doing the killing? What are the motives?

Anyone who has ever watched a “Whodunnit” style movie knows that there are critical things to pay attention to. Murder weapon and motive are two of the biggest.

If every mystery buff in America knows this, how come our president doesn’t know it?

President Biden wants to push gun control on the anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando. That’s surely what everyone who lost a loved one wants to hear – another politician choosing to politicize a grave event that they are desperate to forget.

Biden will be signing a bill that designates the Pulse Nightclub as a national memorial, identifying that it is “hallowed ground.”

The president is also calling for not only gun control but also the ability to sue gun manufacturers.

Isn’t the United States already a bit too lawsuit-happy? We don’t need everyone suing gun manufacturers because a criminal decided to pick up a gun and commit a crime. We need harsher penalties on criminals so that they see it as a deterrent.

Liberals are looking for any loophole they can to take away 2nd Amendment rights. And, it’s not going to work.

The problem with Biden using the Pulse shooting as a way to push gun control is that he’s forgotten to mention one important piece of information: the killer’s motive.

The killer had Islamic ties. The shooter immediately pledged allegiance to an ISIS leader in the 911 calls following the shooting. He was the one to call the police and tell them that he was responsible.

This was hardly some random act of violence toward the LGBTQ+ community. This was a calculated attack by a terrorist.

As Biden talks about the epidemic caused by gun violence, he wants to look at “red flag” laws and ban assault weapons.

There’s another problem, though. If Biden is going to use the Pulse shooting from five years ago as his platform, he has to look at the murder weapon.

Come on. This is murder mystery 101.

The attacker went into the nightclub with not only a rifle but also a pistol. Oh, and he passed the background check. He passed a three-day waiting period to get the pistol.

Only criminals who have already committed crimes will be unable to acquire guns based on the gun control legislation that Democrats want to pass. News flash – those criminals will already have guns. And many may even have been acquired illegally.

The Democrats fail to understand that criminals don’t follow laws. They don’t care about gun control legislation because they’ll be able to obtain the guns in one way or another.

Look at what’s happening in Chicago. People are shot at every weekend because gun violence has become such a problem. Those people already have guns. They’re shooting innocent people. Yet, no matter what gun control is passed in the city, gun violence continues on.

Some people choose to randomly become criminals. They decide that they want to make a statement. They plan. They obtain their guns and, then, they wait for the right moment. Then, that’s when they shoot. They’ll become criminals then and there. Since they didn’t have a criminal record in the past, they were able to get the guns.

And if they hadn’t been able to get the guns, they would have used some other weapon. Why? People who want to make a statement or who are out for revenge will use whatever means necessary to carry out their nefarious plans.

Why can’t Democrats understand this? Gun control legislation won’t prevent people from breaking the law. Criminals don’t care about the law.

Meanwhile, Biden will leave out every important fact regarding the Pulse shooting just to “prove” to Americans that gun control legislation is necessary. He’s lying to the public and delivering up a false sense of hope. It’s dangerous and stupid, yet the Democrats swear they know what’s best for everyone.


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