Deceptive Democrats Distort Whistleblower’s Identity

Deceptive Democrats Distort Whistleblower’s Identity

Everyone wants to know the identity of the whistleblower. This is the person who started the mess that has filled the news over the past several weeks. The dumb Democrats want to hide the identity of the person. But the accused do have the right to face their accusers. The Democrats have been so resistant to identify the person that it has led many to determine that the person just simply does not exist.

This is just another attempt by the Democrats to have a reason to move forward with the impeachment inquiry. Nancy Pelosi has moved her position to be in favor of the impeachment but has not taken the vote to get things started. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the legitimacy of what the dumb Democrats are trying to do. What the stupid Democrats want to do is hide the identity of the person during any type of interview. The dumb Democrats are so suspicious and untrusting of the Republicans that they are afraid the identity of the person will be revealed.

They want to mask their voice during the phone call. The idea is to distort the voice is just like a spy distorting his voice, so he can stay in the shadows. The Democrats are coming after the president with the intent of taking over the presidency. Their dumb concerns about the Republicans leaking the identity of the whistleblower are not warranted. The only people the Democrats need to be concerned with is themselves. They are the ones that are always leaking sensitive information to the public.

What the Democrats are proposing will certainly divide the rift between all political parties. The Democrats have shown themselves to be living in a paranoid state. They do not trust anyone, and they certainly have not worked well with the Republicans at any turn. There is no reason for anyone to even trust them concerning the true identity of the whistleblower unless that person comes out and goes public. The dumb and deceptive Democrats would most certainly have a fake person take their place to talk on the phone. It is not beneath the Democrats to do this sort of action.

Adam Schiff is one that is pushing for the identity of the person to be kept secret. Ironically he is the one that is concerned about the identity getting out. On the other side of the table, he has knowingly leaked information over the Russian probe to the public. This is just more propaganda that proves the Democrats are up to nothing good. This is a fake whistleblower that devised a fake story to destroy the president. Trey Gowdy stated about Schiff that he “leaks like a screen door on a submarine.”

One thing that the whistleblower did say was that he never did witness the event that he is revealing. He or she has never even listened to the phone call. The more information that is revealed about this person the more people are starting to see that this person simply is not real. Supposedly the person passed along second-hand gossip about the calls that he heard others talking about. The whistleblower is nothing more than a second-hand gossip that cannot keep their mouth shut about things that they know nothing about.

Even Adam Schiff was caught in a lie about the issue when he stated he never knew or met with the whistleblower before things coming out. But that is just not the truth. People on his staff knew the person and Schiff was advised about all the details that were going to take place. The Democrats have planned this witch hunt all along. Their source is one of their own, and they have developed a fake story to try to cover their tracks.

The layer for the whistleblower is working overtime to protect his or her identity. The Democrats are involved in some kind of cover-up story and work. Neither the lawyer nor the Democrats want to work with the Republicans on this matter. This just further proves that the story is fake and the whistleblower is nothing more than a Democratic plant.


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