Dems Scream That Warren’s Plan Is Bad, Bad, Bad

Dems Scream That Warren’s Plan Is Bad, Bad, Bad

Elizabeth Warren has been gaining in the polls for the presidential candidacy. She’s getting a vote because she’s female and she has extremely liberal views. With her “I have a plan for that” platform, she recently launched into her ideas for healthcare. More specifically, her Medicare-for-All plan. The only problem is that Dems hate it.

The Plan
Elizabeth Warren’s healthcare plan sounds a lot like Sanders’ plan. She wants to provide Medicare for All. Her concern is that too many people are paying too much money for healthcare. In order to make this happen, she also wants to end the private health industry.

Previously, Warren had shied away from this controversial move. However, it looks like she’s all in with her idea. To end the private health industry means that people wouldn’t be able to get private insurance. It would come through the government – and that would be the only “choice” that people would have.

Ending the private health industry would also result in a significant amount of jobs lost. While people wouldn’t have to pay for private insurance, they would have to pay higher taxes in order to allow Medicare for All. As to what that price would be, Warren has no figures to offer up at this time.

The Criticism
Warren was excited to talk about her Medicare-for-All plan on the stage with the other Dems. On “The View” the following day, the left-leaning show didn’t have any support for Warren. Behar talked about the highlights of the Tuesday night debate, calling former VP Biden the clear winner.

Behar said that she loves Warren but that her idea for Medicare-for-all is the “death knell of the party.” Behar, who likes to talk smack about Trump whenever she has the opportunity, spoke in a very Republican way about her desire for the future of healthcare. She talked about having Medicare and private insurance. She said she has it all – and she wants it all.

Warren’s plan would get rid of private insurance, giving everyone Medicare. The problem with this, while it provides insurance to those that don’t have it, it doesn’t allow people with the money to have better insurance.

Sunny Hostin, one of the co-hosts of “The View” agreed with Behar. Americans want a choice. She also said that there’s nothing wrong with being moderate on an issue like healthcare – and this is actually another reason why Trump’s lead is growing.

Warren isn’t the only one who wants Medicare-for-all. Sanders is touting the same thing. Even Kamala Harris has a plan that gives Medicare to everyone – though she plans to keep private insurers around to play a significant role.

Sanders and Warren didn’t attack one another’s plans while on stage. Some media outlets even questioned whether they had a deal not to attack each other. Sanders explained that they’ve been friends for over 20 years. He’s running his campaign and she’s running hers. They just happen to agree on where healthcare needs to move in America so that it’s “better” for everyone.

The Debates
Healthcare was the main topic for discussion during the latest rounds of debates for the DNC. Sanders has called the current healthcare situation “irrational.” For the most part, the country is still running on the Affordable Care Act that was put into place by Obama – one that Biden plans on continuing.

Biden doesn’t typically take swings, but he did when it came to talking about the Medicare-for-All plan. He warned that it would involve a significant decrease in paychecks around America, something that no American wants to deal with.

Warren is calling for major structural changes in the government with her platform. Biden has warned that it could be catastrophic for her in the polls. While Warren is rallying many of the extreme leftists, she’s alienating many that are moderate, like the co-hosts of “The View” warned.

People want choices. They want their cake and they want to eat it, too. With Warren promising to get rid of private insurance, people are on the defense. They don’t want to give up their choices – particularly not the people who can actually afford to have healthcare.

Warren choosing to jump onto the same plan as Sanders is dangerous. Sanders may be high up in the polls, but Biden is higher. Sanders couldn’t secure the 2016 DNC nomination and with the Medicare for All plan out there and scaring millions of Americans, it doesn’t look like either one of them will show up on the ballot for the general elections of 2020.


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