Global Warming Cultists Bring Oregon to Brink of Civil War

Global Warming Cultists Bring Oregon to Brink of Civil War

For those who have been wondering how much longer our worthless elites will keep pushing patriotic Americans until the guns come out, keep an eye on Oregon for the next few days! The dingbat weather cultist serving as Oregon’s governor (Kate Brown) has ordered the State Troopers to hunt down the state’s 12 Republican Senators, who have skipped out on the legislative session.

Why’d they leave? To prevent the weather nuts from destroying the family farms and ranches in Oregon that will be devastated by if the latest global warming nuttery becomes law.

The Democrats in Oregon hold an 18-12 majority in the Senate, and they’re trying hard to turn their entire state into Scat Francisco. (This is the goal of Democrats everywhere, by the way.) The global warming package that they’re trying to pass right now is, of course, “designed to reduce carbon emissions by 2050.”

In other words, it’s the usual bag of socialist garbage written by the Rockefeller Foundation to impose Cap & Trade, raise gas taxes, prohibit plastic drinking straws and what other insane policies they feel like throwing on.

You know, because it will lower the earth’s temperature by 0.0000001 percent in the year 2256 if we do not ACT NOW. It’s basically Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) Green New Deal.

The Senate Republicans, who represent the Oregonians who are still part of America, know that they cannot stop the Democrats from passing this socialist takeover of the state’s economy. But what they can do is shut down the state legislature by not showing up to work. At least 20 Senators have to show up for a quorum, and they’ve all skipped town. Many have left the state entirely. That’s why the high global warming priestess of Oregon has now set the State Troopers on them.

For those who don’t know, Oregon is like many other states now in that it is two different states. Eastern Oregon is pretty much indistinguishable from all of the other states in flyover country: Patriotic, conservative, hard-working, intelligent, and hopelessly outnumbered by the increasingly extremist liberals in the big cities of their state.

Oregon is much like Washington, California, Illinois and New York: A sea of red over most of the state, with a socialist blue blob over the urban areas that seeks to impose its will on everyone else.

If a war breaks out, eastern Oregon sends her sons to the meat grinder for God and country, while western Oregon’s sons smoke dope, burn the flag and spit on police officers because they’re too dumb to realize that cops aren’t part of the military.

Eastern Oregon is still America, while western Oregon is the bizarre “something else” that all of the country’s leftwing urban areas have turned into. Watch some Antifa videos from Portland if you doubt this.

But here’s where it starts to get very interesting. Republican State Senator Brian Boquist says he’s not going to jail. Boquist contacted the Trooper Commissioner and stated that if they want to come to arrest him, “Send bachelors and come heavily armed.” When stunned reporters asked him if he really meant that, Boquist responded that he has no intention of being “a political prisoner in the United States.”

Brian Boquist isn’t kidding. The guy was a lieutenant colonel in the Special Forces for many years, and today he runs an outfit called International Charter Incorporated (ICI). The ICI operates in dangerous areas of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and South America. In fact, the ICI is probably exactly what it sounds like (a CIA front).

Militia groups in Oregon have delivered praise and stated that they support the Republican Senators skipping out on the legislature. Fox News, which is generally not a reliable friend to patriotic Americans, now reports that the State Capitol is shut down in Oregon due to a “possible militia threat.”

Did you catch that trick? Militias voiced support for the Republican walkout, and the hysterical drama queen Democrats and Fox News call that a “possible militia threat.” Meanwhile, the Governor of Oregon is sending armed police to arrest Republican Senators who have not actually committed a crime.

The next decade should be extremely interesting once states begin breaking apart due to impassable ideological divides like this. Whether it will result in open shooting wars remains to be seen, but one thing is certain. Democrats and Americans can’t get along with each other any longer, and neither side wants to at this point.


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