Socialism Hits Hard as Joe Biden Messes Around With Student Loan Debt

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President Joe Biden hates that he must work with Congress to get laws passed. The Constitution dictates that the Legislative Branch has the power to pass laws that the president must sign before they can be put into force. But the old man hates the process because of the opposition and the time it takes to move an idea to reality. Instead of doing things American, he would use his executive pen and order people to do what he wanted.

The socialist concept Biden wants to see happen is for every student loan to be canceled. The cancellation of student loans is nothing more than the president trying to force taxpayers to pay for something they should not have to take care of.

The people with student loans agreed with the lender to pay back the borrowed amount. They signed their name on the dotted line to be responsible and to make their payments on time. For the president to cancel debt and force others to pay for it is another step closer to a socialist government.

Fortune reported that “Student loan forgiveness is an issue that Democrats have advocated for long before Biden took office, arguing that waiving student debt is a step toward addressing racial inequities that will ultimately give the entire economy a major boost. At the same time, Republicans have said that forgiveness benefits wealthier individuals the most, while other critics have voiced concerns that it could worsen inflation.”

Every time the president decides based on money, the inflation rate rises. The Democrats think that canceling the debt is making life better for everyone. But the debt does not disappear into thin air. It simply shifts over for others to pay. And in this case, the people who do not have student loans will be forced to pay the tab for everyone else.

The president’s decision to cancel student loan debt is a political move to attract voters to the Democratic Party. They want to appear as if they care about the well-being of every citizen in the country. But the truth is that they do not care about anyone but themselves.

Elizabeth Warren is a staunch supporter of the cancelation of student debt. She believes it will help the working class because those people come from low-income families that do not have much money. She is a socialist that fails to tell the truth that erasing debt will cause taxes to climb and interest rates to skyrocket because of the inflation rate.

Senator Ted Cruz is one voice against the idea of student loan forgiveness. Fortune reported that Cruz is calling the president and claiming he is breaking the law. At some point, the bill will come due for all of Biden’s socialist decisions. And to make matters worse, the inflation rate is at an all-time high because the old man thinks he can spend money that does not exist.

The idea of debt cancelation is just another way for the liberals to make life miserable for everyone else. Their belief that they should be given everything they want in life without having to work for it will lead them to destruction. One socialist step after another will only lead the country to ruin.

The nasty liberals believe that debt cancelation is such a small thing that it will not matter much in the end and will not significantly impact the inflation rate. But the truth is that all the small and insane ideas Biden does will become monstrous issues for everyone.

Borrowers from every walk of life may be excited about having their debt canceled, but it will be short-lived once prices go up even further because of inflation. The money they saved from not making a monthly payment will be sucked into the inflation void that Biden helps grow by constantly feeding it fake money.