Cost of Illegal Immigration is Infuriating!

Cost of Illegal Immigration is Infuriating!

While Conservatives are trying to close and lock the front and back doors, Democrats have been opening a window for illegal immigrants to come into America and take over everything we hold dear to our country.

Democrats have praised illegal immigrants for decades, claiming they are a great asset to the workforce, society, and the communities. While immigrants who come to America to live the American Dream and strive to become citizens are good for this country, it is the illegals who are the problem.

Democrats claim the illegals are good, but the proven statistics show otherwise. Not only that, but the cost to have them here is even worse.

There has been a massive increase over the past few decades with crime rates, and a decrease for jobs for the true American citizens. The safety of Americans has also taken a dive in recent decades due to all the sex trafficking, drugs, gang violence, and robberies and murders.

Like everything, this is not the end of the list. The whopper is how much it cost Americans who pay the taxes for these moochers. It cost taxpayers over 135 billion dollars.

Democrats claim the illegal immigrants do pay taxes. If so, then they only pay it at the store with sales taxes when they purchase something. Democrats argue they are struggling more than the average American citizen.

The truth is they are living much better lives than we as citizens live. Here is where Democrats pull the wool over everyone’s eyes who support them blindly. They word things in such a way it always sounds great, but when you stop and think about it, what they say always has two meanings. It sounds awesome to the public, but when you listen to its meaning, it has a double-edged sword.

Look at Obama’s election chant and cry for “change.” He is the epitome that change is not always a good thing. It is a matter of fact, his kind of change was the worst thing America has ever faced.

Now let us look at the “contributions” Democrats say, illegal immigrants, “contribute” to America. It leaves the public thinking they mean something great. Not so!

Contributions also have two meanings in this situation. The contribution breaking down the cost of illegal immigrants is, they are given free medical care, an outstanding law enforcement bill, free education, food, homes, jobs, and child care. This leaves the outstanding balance of $135 billion dollars per year and steadily rising.

Total that cost over the last 20 years illegal immigrants have been pouring into this country you come out with $2.7 trillion, yes, trillion dollars.

This is what the Democrats want you and me to believe, the illegal immigrants “contribute” to help, but we now know the truth of the other meaning of “contribute.” It is not a good thing, and it needs to come to an abrupt end!

Tax dollars are a touchy subject when it comes to illegal aliens. Advocates for illegal immigration claims the government does receive taxes from immigrants. Well, the Federation for American Immigration Reform reported $19 billion were paid by the massive amount of illegal aliens.

WOW!! That’s great!!

But here is the catch, it left us hard working citizens who bust our butts every day to make ends meet have to come up with the other $116 billion dollars to fund the country in tax dollars. The $19 billion is just a scapegoat for Democrats to use to make things look good. In reality, to us as conservatives, it is disgusting because there should be a hell of a lot more billions of dollars coming from them with all they are costing us.

As for the jobs which go to the illegal immigrants, they do not pay taxes on income. They send the majority of their paychecks back to Mexico for their families who are left behind until they can come over and sponge off of us too.

The DemocRATS know this and have kept their mouths shut to keep the cycle going. Why?

Because they want to turn The United States of America into a socialist third world country where everyone depends on the government to live. This will have everyone bow down to them. Many liberals will kiss their asses but we as Conservatives always want to kick their ass! It would be so nice to ship them back to Mexico with all their illegal alien friends.

Mexico probably does not even want them either.


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