The Left’s Censorship Push: Oregon Dems Order Facebook to Take Down Confirmed Article on Ballot Scandal

The Left’s Censorship Push: Oregon Dems Order Facebook to Take Down Confirmed Article on Ballot Scandal

Some astute readers may remember hearing about a horror story that took place in Oregon. There is a multitude of voters in this state who sat idly by and watched as their party affiliation was changed against their will. Those who were registered as Republicans were changed over to non-affiliates.

They did not offer their permission or consent beforehand. To add insult to injury, the Oregon residents were also disqualified from being able to serve as Precinct Committee Persons. GOP voters were denied the right to participate in their primaries. Now, the state of Oregon is doing everything in their power to bury the story.

Facebook is also involved because this is what they do now. They are always willing to meddle in any affairs that allow them to assist leftists. Can you imagine the crying from the left if this situation is reversed? All we would hear is insane rhetoric comparing Zuckerberg to Hitler.

Conservative outlets are now being given strikes for posting the story about Oregon’s egregious suppression of Republican voters. Does it matter to them that over 30 Oregon residents have already gone on record about the matter? We guess that they are all lying then. At least this is what the left wants everyone to believe.

In fact, hundreds of voters have come forward to speak out about these unfair practices. There was even a Facebook group that was full of screenshots. Their fact checkers should have been able to shut this down quickly. A social media hub of this size and influence should not be allowing themselves to be led down the wrong path like this.

Facebook is flagging anyone who posts about this ruse and claiming that it is a hoax. Alexis Tereszcuk is one of the authors that was responsible for speaking out about the story. Of course, they did not even bother to contact any of the Oregon voters that were sharing their stories about the incident. Who did Alexis actually speak with then?

This is the original story:

HUGE SCANDAL: Oregon Changes Hundreds Of Republican Ballots To “Non Partisan” Denying GOP Voters the Right To Participate In Primary

The Oregon Secretary of State, of course. You’re not gonna believe this but the state of Oregon has investigated themselves and they have found themselves not guilty. That’s what happens when any entity is allowed to police themselves. To make matters even worse, the aforementioned author is basically just a glorified member of the paparazzi.

We dug into her past and she has even made appearances on gossip shows in the past. That’s who Oregon is siding with here. As long as the gossip columnist and the state’s legislature are okay with what is happening, everyone else is supposed to walk away with their heads held high.

Andrea Chiapella is the spokeswoman for this state’s Secretary of State. As you would have expected, she was not about to take any level of responsibility. The state’s citizens are being blamed for the issues that they are experiencing. The Oregon residents who had their voting affiliations changed are being told that it is their own fault for not paying closer attention to the mail.

They were automatically registered as non-affiliates, which does not make much sense. If this is the case, you would think that lots of Democrats would have had the same issue. What’s more likely here? The state of Oregon genuinely wants people to believe that only Republicans made the mistake of forgetting to fill out a postcard. If its such an easy mistake to make, we want to know why more people were not making it.

The government in Oregon is now actively colluding with the largest social media hubs in the world, in an effort to suppress Republican voters. What’s worse is that it is not being as if it were a very big deal. Any Republicans who attempt to speak out about it are silenced. Chiapella even claimed that there were Democrats who had been complaining as well.

Why haven’t we heard a sound or syllable from any of these people then? These are the questions that need answering. Everyone with a pulse and a set of eyes can see through what this state has done but anyone who talks about it is treated like some sort of insane conspiracy theory.

This is why the term “fake news” is used as often as it has been in the past. People are not blindly following in the footsteps of the president when they say this. They are simply tired of the nonsense and they want some small level of accountability. Oregon officials are going to have to keep looking for a new scapegoat because we are not buying what they are selling.


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