The Left’s Censorship Push: Oregon Dems Order Facebook to Take Down Confirmed Article on Ballot Scandal

The Left’s Censorship Push: Oregon Dems Order Facebook to Take Down Confirmed Article on Ballot Scandal

Some astute readers may remember hearing about a horror story that took place in Oregon. There is a multitude of voters in this state who sat idly by and watched as their party affiliation was changed against their will. Those who were registered as Republicans were changed over to non-affiliates.

They did not offer their permission or consent beforehand. To add insult to injury, the Oregon residents were also disqualified from being able to serve as Precinct Committee Persons. GOP voters were denied the right to participate in their primaries. Now, the state of Oregon is doing everything in their power to bury the story.

Facebook is also involved because this is what they do now. They are always willing to meddle in any affairs that allow them to assist leftists. Can you imagine the crying from the left if this situation is reversed? All we would hear is insane rhetoric comparing Zuckerberg to Hitler.

Conservative outlets are now being given strikes for posting the story about Oregon’s egregious suppression of Republican voters. Does it matter to them that over 30 Oregon residents have already gone on record about the matter? We guess that they are all lying then. At least this is what the left wants everyone to believe.

In fact, hundreds of voters have come forward to speak out about these unfair practices. There was even a Facebook group that was full of screenshots. Their fact checkers should have been able to shut this down quickly. A social media hub of this size and influence should not be allowing themselves to be led down the wrong path like this.

Facebook is flagging anyone who posts about this ruse and claiming that it is a hoax. Alexis Tereszcuk is one of the authors that was responsible for speaking out about the story. Of course, they did not even bother to contact any of the Oregon voters that were sharing their stories about the incident. Who did Alexis actually speak with then?

This is the original story:

HUGE SCANDAL: Oregon Changes Hundreds Of Republican Ballots To “Non Partisan” Denying GOP Voters the Right To Participate In Primary

The Oregon Secretary of State, of course. You’re not gonna believe this but the state of Oregon has investigated themselves and they have found themselves not guilty. That’s what happens when any entity is allowed to police themselves. To make matters even worse, the aforementioned author is basically just a glorified member of the paparazzi.

We dug into her past and she has even made appearances on gossip shows in the past. That’s who Oregon is siding with here. As long as the gossip columnist and the state’s legislature are okay with what is happening, everyone else is supposed to walk away with their heads held high.

Andrea Chiapella is the spokeswoman for this state’s Secretary of State. As you would have expected, she was not about to take any level of responsibility. The state’s citizens are being blamed for the issues that they are experiencing. The Oregon residents who had their voting affiliations changed are being told that it is their own fault for not paying closer attention to the mail.

They were automatically registered as non-affiliates, which does not make much sense. If this is the case, you would think that lots of Democrats would have had the same issue. What’s more likely here? The state of Oregon genuinely wants people to believe that only Republicans made the mistake of forgetting to fill out a postcard. If its such an easy mistake to make, we want to know why more people were not making it.

The government in Oregon is now actively colluding with the largest social media hubs in the world, in an effort to suppress Republican voters. What’s worse is that it is not being as if it were a very big deal. Any Republicans who attempt to speak out about it are silenced. Chiapella even claimed that there were Democrats who had been complaining as well.

Why haven’t we heard a sound or syllable from any of these people then? These are the questions that need answering. Everyone with a pulse and a set of eyes can see through what this state has done but anyone who talks about it is treated like some sort of insane conspiracy theory.

This is why the term “fake news” is used as often as it has been in the past. People are not blindly following in the footsteps of the president when they say this. They are simply tired of the nonsense and they want some small level of accountability. Oregon officials are going to have to keep looking for a new scapegoat because we are not buying what they are selling.


237 thoughts on “The Left’s Censorship Push: Oregon Dems Order Facebook to Take Down Confirmed Article on Ballot Scandal

  1. Evil always shows its ugly head. Dems dont care of american citizens . Just power and the money, at any cost. Root of all evil..

    1. Facebook Has Taken Off Two Comments That I Put On In Answer To A Subject That I Disagreed With. Said Subject Was Said By Pelosi And It Was Very Disparaging To Us Americans And When I Answered Her My Message Was Block. I Believe This Borders On My Amendent Rights As A Citizen Of This Country And I Don’t Want It To Happen Again. I Am A Free Citizen Of This Country And Feel That Facebook Has Any Right To Do This. How Do Others Feel About This.

      1. Jo, I had the same experience with being censored. I had a “photoshopped” picture of Obama passionately kissing another man. That was quickly removed and has never been returned. My punishment has been several days of suspension for several infractions. I don’t believe any legal action is possible. I’m more than certain that Zuckerberg has some pretty powerful attorneys. He needs them to keep people away from his billions.

      2. of course it does but all of this is just talk by us republicans while they the demonrats take actions like the one described in this story and get away with it initially, unfortunately when it is over there may be no USA left. only five months left to get them out of office

  2. You are a liar. 38 years of government service and 1700.00 a month and trump administration is steals 3400.00 a month from me.

    1. How the h—l are you Being taken for $3400 A month from the federal government making only $1700 a month

      1. That sounds like a Stupid Democrats new Math, If you was a Government worker for 38 years, you stole enough already.

    2. I am not sure what you meant. but you probably dont either. if you future our debt by month (means with all the credit we are taking at sometime in the future someone will have to pay for it) our great grandkids will be paying part of the debt we have already crete up to now! and the amount is a lot more. and btw trump did not and does not take away money from you, the laws of taxation, been around a lot longer than trump, and should be lower but remember nancys crumbs? I also noted that in the US where I shop at harris teeter who has a gas station. linked together i paid 98 cents a gallon on 30 May! so we are still the greatest country in the world. and why people make lines ariund us embassies trying to get here both legally and illegally. and I guess that would be on way to stop inmigration. there will be no place to come to.

    3. Liberals are the liars and will do anything for power. President Trump is not stealing any bodies money. You have to be a Liberal evil racist hater and not bright at all. Think you can blame the President, really check to see who really takes it!!

      1. All the democrats deserve is 5 dollars an hour for what they don’t do.. How they became millonairs was by taking american tax payer dollars and putting in their pockets. Except pelosi who got her money from her crooked dad who was head of the drug cartel

    1. Man I hope you are right! The Commie Dems will take every Freedom we have, it will go something like this; IF elected, they will freeze your Bank accts, then marshal law, outlaw and take your guns, and as Liz Warren stated, I quote; the average citizen should NOT be allowed to vote for a President!! Yeah, she said that and not one Dem said anything! Right now this very minute they are plotting their next move, they sit around and keep an eye on everything YOU do, While TRUMP is fighting for us and our Freedoms the Commie Dems are doing Nothing for our country and YOU! They are all Hype and action!!

  3. Voting by mail is an invitation to cheat. 39 million stolen SS numbers that sre not checked for voting. Many young people have SS numbers of dead people. State are revistering all drivers’ license applicants. How many illegals have licenses. We need to purge all stste voter logs and start again. Proof of citizenship required and photo ID.

    1. You are so RIGHT! We lived in WA state for 30 years, thinking we wanted to retire there. During that time, there was NEVER a Republican voted in as Governor. Check the stat.

      1. the only right way to do so to save the US. if we keep allowing thugs to walk indiscriminately in our cities and eventually our homes. beecause these are the freeloading thugs from antifa and blm. seems BLM id=s are thugs just like the many blacks in getting away for from the BLM limelight and it would appear they have thrown antifa under the bus. they will eventually turn on each other once their first enemy WHITE PEOPLE are dealt with. those pasty faced hairy leg whte people at antifa are just fools that think they will be rewarded for thrit actions. Little do they relize AND have forgotten the BLM telling white folks to the rear this is a black event.

  4. It will be up the American people to vote the power hungry governors out and take back the freedoms they are working so hard to destroy.

  5. Mark zuckerberg is a wimp, to chicken 💩 to just say no , and be fair with both parties, but then again he stole the idea of Facebook from the original person , so he fits right in with the democratic standards, lying, stealing, pushing their bull💩liberals views, stupid is stupid does, screw OREGON!!!

    1. i hear a ma bell story coming up on mpnopoly. apple, facebook, twitter, instagram, are all platforms not news agencies, so I would investigate
      1 – can a platform censor or is it jus a “platform. look at the government issued license.
      2 – if it provides fact checks it ough use several fact chekc\ agencies becuase wikipaedia is biased and lies and distort, but there are other sources that can be checked. THIS IS WHAT THE WITCH OF MICHIGAN DID, COULDNT JAIL SO REVOKED THEIR LICENSE EITHER WAY SHE WON TIME. TOME IS GETTING SHORT.
      3 – if found to have a monopoly, does not mean 100% for those morons that willl fact check me, do it. but honestly. break it up. they did ma bell and we survived.

  6. Why the republicans won’t go after officials of facebook, google, twitter, western journal, and other media using censoring algorithms for election tampering is beyond me. Mark Zuckerberg belongs in prison for election tampering. Prosecution of decision makers at social media companies authorizing or using media censoring for election tampering is the only way to put a stop to online censoring and reinforce the First Amendment everywhere. Mark Zuckerburg might look good in a orange jumpsuit, taking orders from jailers….

    Large, heavily used social media companies need to be regulated as common carriers.

  7. This is only the tip of the so called “iceberg” Why are the democrats so rabid about the second amendment? Why this “HITLER” need to remove firearms from honest citizens? Do they honestly believe that taking honest gun owners guns away will STOP CRIME? I really doubt that their that STUPID! They have another very big agenda to pursue ! As long as honest citizens have armament they are a danger to the power mad politicians that want socialism and open borders. Because that amendment was written by a group of people that foresaw the day when it would be cocklebur between their fat boy cheeks! They can’t in any way seize power as long as we as a people can rise up against their SICK radical desires and stop them dead in their tracks. If it comes to it. If so it will be bloody and horrible! But there are many that have went to wars for this country and have the back bone and training to accomplish a lot more than the “powers suspect” and as one of them I’d lay my life down to defend my own country against such a scourge much more willing than I did in veitnam! Mr. Trump although a little rough around the edges has accomplished more in his short time in office than any president of the last 16 years. I don’t always agree with some of the things he does. But I respect him and his title. Which is more that the democratic DEMONS have allow him! They have tried every dirty underhanded back stabbing trick they can think of. And have hit a BRICK wall every time! Goes to show that the RADICAL mind isn’t to smart! They don’t seem to learn very well about anything! After all. Just look at what they are pushing as a candidate! Would you really want that confused, dementia laden fool running the country, with NANCY telling him what to do! Its up to us to put the right person in power! I pray to god you have enough sense to do what is right!

      1. Thanks for the sensible critique. Me & my neighbor were just preparing to do some research about this. We got a grab a book from our local library but I think I learned more from this post. I’m very glad to see such fantastic info being shared freely out there.

  8. It sounds lie the DOJ needs to get involved. Who ever made the changes and they can be identified by computer forensics should be Charged with Violations of the voting rights, Violation of human rights and a couple more violations that would dis qualify that person or persons from ever holding a position of responsibility in the United States.

  9. Wake Up America and be Very, Very, Very careful for what and for who you vote for !!! Voting across party lines is viable in today’s Anti-American Political Environment !!!! Our Freedoms, Our Constitution and Our America is in the Coming Elections !!!! Ask specific questions about future elected city, state and federal level candidates as to where they stand on issues that concern Americas future !! I agree there are candidates on both sides of the isle Demoncrats and Republican RINO’s (Republicans In name Only) who Must be Challenged !! Now Is Our Time To Fight Back For The True America Way !!!

  10. I don’t know how they do it, but it appears the demon-communist-cRATS in Oregon are very powerful indeed. They even got the USGS to stop reporting earthquakes in the state and even the ones off the Oregon coast. Why I don’t know. But the fact is Washington and Northern California get lots of quakes, therefore, Oregon should be getting quakes, too.

  11. This is the reason I rarely send much by Facebook and when I do it is to right a wrong statement by someone else. I am considering a couple of options to get involved with other than Facebook due to their heavy handed treatment of American Patriotic Conservatives. MY BEST HOPE WOULD BE IF THESE SUPER SITES WOULD TAKE THE CENSORS OUT OR LEAVE THEM THERE AND ONLY MONITOR THE LANGUAGE SO CHILDREN ARE NOT COMPROMISED . THAT WAY WE TRULY GEET GOOD FIRST AMENDMENT ACTION !

    1. sorry bill. I M RATHER NEW AND HAVE SEEN FEW THAT IN SO LITTLE said so much. If there is another option thnt facebook, yahoo, gioogle who are allll biased but control the ol\platforms we must use, I agree completely a huge problrm is thst every is right, can insukt with no consequences, threaten you and say idiotic things sometiems I do finf maby not offensive byr certainkt syrprising that haven’t read our story claim it needs to dissaoear. And then what? they will bring the quran? erradictate God and do the atheist thing? where wpould it end?

  12. Remember this key point, lying, stealing, and hypocrisy are in Democrat’s DNA. There is no two ways about it. All these Democratic politician’s should be categorized as criminals. Have you noticed in the last 40 or so years, you have never seen a Politician go to prison for corruption? Look at the extensive list too. There is a tax payer funded slush fund for these politician’s when they sexually assault citizines. Notice how fast Jeffery Epstein became a non issue? Are you telling me Pelosi isn’t corrupt? Yet no one seems to be able to catch her. Or aren’t they trying? Hillary, Barack? Surfing the hearings for Supreme Court Judge. Sheila Jackson Lee suspiciously looks all around surfing the hearings right before a man nonchalantly hands her an envelope. Yet no questions were ever asked. Why? Until this country stops the notion that hanging, tar an feathering, and sending Politicians to prison is uncivilized. Corruption will get worse. There are no consequences for being corrupt. How civilized is that?

    1. By the way, surfing is supposed to be during. As in during the hearings. My auto-correct is retarded. Didn’t catch the mistake until I posted the comment.

  13. I was born and raised in Oregon and lived there until 1970. With that said, I was always one to answer the question where are you from and I would always answer “Portland, Multnomah County, God’s Country Oregon”
    I no longer say that. I now say I was born in Portland, Oregon and if I never go back, it will be too DAMNED SOON!

    The State of Oregon has gone to Hell in a Handbasket and their leadership are mostly HELL BENT on completely destroying the state and so far they are one accomplishing their goals! SHAME ON THEM!!!!!

  14. Go out and buy your guns America! Make sure to load up on ammo and canned foods . . . you are not alone in standing up for the Constitution!!!

  15. This IS Pure Communist Tyranny, WE THE PEOPLE are being subjected to this Socialists life style where as we no longer have any say in our Government. We were warned about this years ago. Now it is here, to remain Free we MUST Fight back. All these riots are NOT about the guy that was killed, they are about the Leftists Communist/Socialists taking control of our Lives!! Time to Lock and Load!!

    1. I agree lock and load. I wrote the President and told him with the troops on the street they need real ammo in their guns. It is stupid to put troops on the street and no ammo. I wish some crazy would open fire on all the scumbags on the streets and then a big truck would come in load the bodies and dump them in the dump and light a match.

  16. Does everyone now begin to understand the depth of FAKE NEWS? Spiking stories , shadow banning, is if fact FAKE NEWS. Freedom of Speech should not be limited to one political view of Our World—that is what COMMUNIST COUNTRIES (Socialist) do —-Just the NEWS heavily redacted leaving only what the government sees FIT TO PRINT, OR TELEVISE.

  17. The sooner the heads of all the media and social media are dead, the better and we can become a great nation again!

  18. It’s about time Pres. Trump got rough with Facebook, google, you tube, and other heavily used social media that censors users. Attorney General Bill Barr needs to connect censoring to election tampering, and go after on line media that censors users, and then put on trial in federal court executives from those firms for criminal election tampering. Mark Zuckerburg for one might look good in federal prison orange, taking instructions from jailers and dining on jail food….

  19. That is an obvious violation of my voting rights! I second the question asked prior to this, WHY ISN’T THE DOJ INVESTIGATING THIS!? They get there salary from us! Mr. BARR had better DO SOMETHING! WHAT DOES HE DO ALL DAY ANYWAY! If FB did that to a DEM the leftist crew would scream at Zuckerberg again, like they did when he said he would NOT censor President Trumps tweets! That doesn’t mean that he would do anything if one of his people did it. He is in SO FAR OVER HIS HEAD, he doesn’t have a clue. He created a monster that in the end will self destruct. Right now, the DEMS gave FB, TWITTER, etc status and rights that are above those of other publications. The concept is new, allowing citizens to speak directly to the public. But he and these other platforms are heading for some serious trouble because they are now becoming very one sided about what goes through and what gets censored. We will either end up with an entirely parallel group of platforms, further dividing our country, or the GOVERNMENT WILL STEP IN! Normally that means disaster, but in this case the laws should be about CENSORSHIP! You can take down threats, profanity, etc. that is fine. But if you block something that does NOT include the aforementioned items, then you are guilty of breaking the NON-CENSURESHIP LAWS! Another item along this line is a UTUBE VP saying basically anything that “criticizes the WHO” will be taken down. She was in violation of NOT SPREADING COMMUNIST CHINESE propaganda, or at least significantly voicing a political view not in line with the government. She just should have ignored it. So, either EVERYTHING, except threats, profanity, etc., stays in, or the government can close you down for violation of my 1A rights!. And the morons running these companies are going to stand like a deer in the headlights until the Gov steps in. Based on some of their other creations the gov “solution” may be worse than what we have. If I was a rich person, I would start a “parallel” that is strictly politically neutral, it would be in my mission statement, and any removals would be based on simple profanity, threats and other criteria. If I added another thing that can get your post blocked, I would make it clear, AND PUBLIC! I don’t trust a bunch of young kids to just decide what to block. All these “Geniuses” are being pretty stupid, and abusing their power. DO THEY THINK A “SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT WOULD ALLOW THIS? NOT IN VENEZUELA, CHINA, RUSSIA, CUBA…OR ANYPLACE I EVER HEARD OF.

  20. Facebook sent me to the shower for 5 days for what they did was a post not to their general liking. What that was is a mystery but I’m sure it was over this communist actions by Oregon as I find it a communist step forward with their sister Communist State Kalifornicate.

  21. All part of the plan! Gonna make us pay for 2016 even if it means destroying the country to do it….SICK!

  22. Continued attempts by low life cheating democRATS Just can’t seem to run an fair & unpatricial election & they want mail in balloting for the entire nation !!! AS a voter I expect our elections to be honest & above board !!! THis November If I were a Republicanto chalenge every single vote & even every single voter that is in these states with the all mailin ballots !!!

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  24. The Chinese and Russian Communist in concert with the European socialists and the democrats in the U.S. are making a concerted effort to take over control of the world with the protests(riots) they have fostered. The socialist democrats in America have armed their goon squads(ANTIFA) and the anarchist as they use the black Americans(self proclaimed victims of inequality) as pawns in their quest to unseat our nation’s main defense against anarchy, the police. Now, now is the time for all patriotic Americans to stand and defend our great nation from the designs of the democrats and RINOS. The current scenario with the left utilizing the horrible death of George Floyd to incite blacks to protest and thus give ANTIFA the platform they needed to start the destruction of America’s law abiding society and take attention away from the Senate hearings on Russia, Russia and the Obama administration’s criminal acts against president Trump. The left is now the greatest existential threat to America since 09/11/2001. America must reel in the elite political class that is attempting to take absolute control of each and every American. We must have a truly unified effort to ensure the rule of law in enforced. The deep state coup is alive and thriving, stop them now, before it is too late.

  25. If they ever took our guns away than only the bad guys would have guns. They never obey the laws. They will never pass a law like that. Even Hitler said he would never invade our country, all the home owners are armed to the teeth.

  26. Hasn’t anyone thought that the Virus could be a conspiracy between China and the Democrats. After all, Trump has been putting pressure on China lately and the Coronavirus is supposedly worse for the aged (senior citizens). They are supposed to be more vulnerable and generally speaking would likely be the more conservative and Trump voters. Think about that pertaining to the upcoming November election !


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  39. If this is true get a great legal foundation to help you and sue the crap out of the state. Be sure to name any person involved and get them put in jail and get rich in the process. I’m sure they will find new friends there. They may not like them but their new friend may just love them to death.

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