Look Who is Using Hatred and Lies to Get Votes: Hint It Isn’t Biden

Look Who is Using Hatred and Lies to Get Votes: Hint It Isn’t Biden

There is a theme starting to develop among the Democratic party and in particular with the Democratic presidential candidates – all 1,000 of them. Which also might explain why there are so many Dems who have thrown their hat in the ring for the upcoming 2020 election. The problem is, they all sound very much the same in one of two ways which, both of which seems to be a trend among the Democratic party these days.

Maybe this is just what happens when you run out of good ideas or just collect a paycheck (the ones we give them) to do the bare minimum. The Democrats in the buildup to the next presidential election have used false promises to peek voters ears and win their favor. Free college, eliminate your medical bills and debt, or tell your cousin who snuck into the country that it is okay, the Democrats have your back. Whatever it is you need to hear, the Democrats have already or will say it, no plans on how anything gets done mind you, but they will promise you the moon.

That tactic, however, isn’t as new and has been used from time to time in more than a few past elections. The other method the Democrats have employed is much less used and far more dirty. It could be called a “smear” campaign or mudslinging but whatever it is, it is based on pandering lies and feeding hate. Why? Votes, of course.

The latest such efforts employed by the Dems came from the senior senator and Presidential candidate (another one), Amy Klobuchar representing Minnesota. One story didn’t fail to miss the ugly, hate-filled, chock-full of lies messages she has recently been propagating.

Using the newest and hottest talking platform for politicians, our story cited the Senator’s Twitter comments beginning with this one. “Neo-Nazis (or, as the president called them at the time, “very fine people”) almost killed DeAndre. Only four were caught — the other two are still unidentified. DeAndre deserves justice.”

It isn’t right to try and capitalize on the misfortune and tragedy of anyone. That truth is even more applicable when we are talking about the death of another human being. It isn’t right when we see it done on the heels of a shooting tragedy to stir emotions in an effort to gain support. It isn’t right when trying to rally a cause and it certainly isn’t right of a Presidential candidate, especially when it is used the way Senator Klobuchar used it.

In one fail swoop, Klobuchar essentially called the President of the United States a Nazi supporter and damn-near called him out for being liable of the death of this young man. That is anything but professional or decent and it certainly isn’t Presidential.  President Trump, however, didn’t have to say a word to defend himself (not to mention he is busy running a country and delivering on his own campaign promises). The Twitter universe took care of that for him and the backlash the Senator received was seething, to put it gently. Some of the responses to her ugly message sounded exactly like this as our aforementioned story shared:

“The only thing more pathetic than you peddling the “ORANGE MAN CALLED NAZIS FINE PEOPLE” lie, is you eating Comb Salad. You embarrass Minnesotans”


“The definition of “Absolutely nothing left?” Pushing a BS narrative that has been debunked to death… So, either you’re an ignorant fool, or you think that your followers are… Neither is a good look…”

or the simple


To say her tactics backfired and that many were offended is an understatement. There really isn’t enough time to share or even read all of the angry responses she invoked from her ill-advised tweet. Yet the saddest part of this commentary might be found in one tweeted response that said, “Go with that, it’ll bump you up to 4% for sure!” Because as awful, unfounded and mean as her tweet was, there will still be some who buy it. She will pick up a few votes because of this hateful and parasitic message. She will likely lose more than she gains but it is still sad that this type of sick and misguiding communication can and does sway people.

Fortunately, it won’t be enough to help her and the President is anything but a Nazi supporter or advocate. He would tell you so himself but he’s busy right now making America a better, stronger, and safer country. Which is apparently unlike some who are too busy spreading lies and hate to get anything else done.



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