Video: Biden Can’t Remember How Many Grandkids He Has While Holding a Picture of Them

Video: Biden Can’t Remember How Many Grandkids He Has While Holding a Picture of Them

Joe Biden has somehow managed to become the Democratic front runner this year, despite not having all of his marbles. If you are anything like us, you have probably been chuckling at his series of public gaffes and mistakes. It seems like a new clip rolls in everyday. We are not sure why the Democrats keep sending him out here like this.

His latest mistake is one for the ages. He is definitely going to have a tough time living this one down. Biden was holding a picture of his grandchildren and somehow managed to forget how many he actually has! It’s the type of thing that you have to see in order to believe.

The most hilarious part of all is that he is still refusing to acknowledge the lovechild that his son made as an actual grandchild. If you happened to be watching “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on Tuesday night, you were treated to quite a show. Biden technically has seven grandchildren but he was only willing to acknowledge five of them.

We just feel bad for the two babies that got left out of the mix. Is this really the best Democratic candidate that the party has available? It’s easy to understand their reservations when it comes to endorsing Bernie Sanders but come on now. Even Hillary Clinton would probably be able to identify the number of grandchildren that she has.

This is what happens when you place all of your eggs in one basket because of name value. Sure, Biden registers positively in the memories of those who recall the work that he did with the Obama administration. That’s all well and good but how can he be trusted to run the country right now?

We would have a hard time trusting him to bring the car around the corner, let alone come up with a sustainable plan for the nation’s future. No wonder Barack Obama had to take his sweet time endorsing him for president. He was probably worried that Biden would end up drooling on himself on live television as soon as he offered the thumbs up.

Biden was also unable to win the nomination without the backroom machinations that Obama was willing to participate in. His polling numbers were below Sanders’ until all of the other candidates mysteriously decided that they were going to drop out of the race. According to sources close to Mayor Pete, he was told he would never have more leverage than he would on the day he decided to drop out.

Even Andrew Yang told the world that he had been promised a position in Biden’s cabinet in exchange for dropping out. It’s almost if Barack knew that his buddy had zero chance of winning the nomination fair and square. The Democratic party was also not willing to risk a prolonged Bernie Sanders run, as he was starting to gain a great deal of traction in leftist circles.

The party is looking to remain moderate but Sanders wanted drag them to the left. They essentially had no choice but to break the emergency glass and break out the Obama card. In fact, there is also speculation that Michelle Obama will be chosen as Biden’s vice president. It would definitely make sense after he’s spent the past few weeks teasing a female selection for this post.

Maybe Michelle can help him out by making him some flash cards that will allow him to remember how many grandchildren he has. You can bet your bottom dollar that the Trump campaign is gathering up all of these clips to use against him. There is no way that they are going to let these types of golden opportunities slip through their fingers.

Joe Biden is clearly senile and the Democrats had better hope that he does not have a full on meltdown before the summer’s over. The coronavirus pandemic has actually helped his campaign, by keeping him from being able to speak in public settings on a regular basis. He could barely get through his own public appearances without losing track of reality or getting angry at attendees for asking questions.

Doddering old men like these should not be allowed to have a major say in what happens in America. The Biden supporters will claim that he is going to have a strong cabinet that keeps him from having to make any key decisions but when you’re offering those types of justifications for a candidate? You have already lost the battle, as well as the war.


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