2020 Census Plans: California to Spend Millions While Texas Plans to Spend None

2020 Census Plans: California to Spend Millions While Texas Plans to Spend None

The US Census is important as it helps to determine what states are entitled to. This includes their share of the federal budget as well as the number of Representatives that they get in the House.

The 2020 Census is coming up fast, which has some states more panicked than others. California has announced plans to spend $187 million while Texas isn’t going to spend a dime. Why such a difference?

California is a Democrat-led state. They’re not known for being the most honorable group of people, so it’s interesting to see how California wants to spend so much money in order to get an accurate count. They have more illegal aliens in their state than anywhere else thanks to their precious sanctuary cities. Illegal aliens constantly avoid the census to avoid any run-ins with the law.

Meanwhile, Texas isn’t planning on spending any money because they aren’t worried about getting an accurate count. They know that the count will be similar to years past, so they will have statewide count committees. They’re also a Republican-led state and know that there is a better use of the money than to help with a census.

The leaders in California may want to take note of this, especially since there are so many issues with crime and homelessness in the state of California. They could spend $187 million considerably more productively than helping to count residents.

While there are some people expressing concern that Texas isn’t spending money on the census, the politicians aren’t worried. They know that they have experienced massive population growth over the past 10 years. However, they don’t want to risk state dollars in order to get an accurate headcount. They feel as though they have been able to count effectively in the past without spending money and will continue to maintain that status.

Will it really mean that states like California will get more dollars and more representation over Texas? Not necessarily. Just because the state is spending the money to improve the census headcount doesn’t mean that it is going to work. Particularly in a state like California, there are going to be a number of illegals who do everything they can in order to avoid being counted, no matter how hard California may try to count them.

It is anticipated that Texas is going to get 3 to 4 congressional seats following the census as long as there is an accurate count. This is particularly because there are a number of cities that are exploding in population. Ineffectively counting them could cause problems, but there are so many people involved in the census committees that there isn’t a worry.

Low-income populations and immigrant families are the ones that generally are at risk of not being counted.

The Center for Public Policy Priorities estimates that even a 1% population undercount could result in costing Texas $300 million in federal funding a year. That would help to pay for transportation, healthcare programs, and education. While there was a vote in Texas for the spending, they chose to vote against it. There will be plenty of cities picking up the slack, however. In Austin, there will be a Complete Count Committee which is a group that is city-led to focus on the census. If California cities were to be able to do something similar, the state could get an accurate count while saving money.

It’s not about Texas taking a lazy approach toward the census. It’s all about identifying where the money should be spent. California is not exactly known for using their funds effectively. They have more welfare fraud than any other state. They also have a growing homelessness problem that is starting to become more visible in major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Texas isn’t alone when it comes to not spending money on the census, either. A handful of other states have chosen to avoid the costs, including Florida and Ohio. Does this mean that these states are going to lose funding? Absolutely not. It’s also important to remember that the Electoral College is still firmly in place, so a large population isn’t going to dictate who gets elected as president, either.

California can spend its $187 million on its census in order to show some growth. However, other states will spend nothing to show that they’ve had growth, too. It only proves that California, as usual, is incapable of managing a proper budget.



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