Yale Psychiatrist Calls Trump Mentally Unfit but Refuses to Offer Her Opinion on Biden

Yale Psychiatrist Calls Trump Mentally Unfit but Refuses to Offer Her Opinion on Biden

Brandy Lee is the Yale psychiatrist who decided to offer up her “diagnosis” on Donald Trump. She cannot stop telling anyone who will listen that he is “mentally unfit” to be the leader of the free world. She’s even had meetings with Democratic members of Congress on the matter.

You would think that someone who has never met Trump or had a meaningful conversation with him would relax. That’s not how the liberals do things, though. This is an obvious ethical violation that needs to be addressed. Doctors should not be able to offer helicopter diagnosis that is designed to make them feel good.

Joe Biden’s rise (and clear cognitive decline) should be cause for concern but of course, the liberals don’t see it that way. Trump was so unhealthy and couldn’t be president but Biden can drool his way through a speech with no issues. Brandy Lee is not as quick to offer a diagnosis on Biden, though.

This seems a bit hypocritical to us. If you’re a mental health professional who wants to be loud about Trump’s supposed decline, you should probably be willing to be just as loud about Biden’s. Otherwise, you could start to undermine your level of professional credibility.

Do people like Brandy Lee care about this? Of course, they don’t. If anyone questions their motives, they are simply going to blame the right-wing for all of their problems. We can’t believe how ridiculous Brandy sounds. When she was asked about Biden, her whole demeanor changed. She’s not willing to diagnose anyone without an examination anymore.

She doesn’t speak about public figures anymore, either. That’s mighty convenient if you ask us. This was not the tune that she was singing when it was time to get on Trump’s case. Biden has not met the “threshold” that she believes would be necessary to start offering up her cockamamie diagnosis again. This would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad.

Does she realize that we all remember what she said about Trump? Her Biden commentary flies in the face of these remarks, that is for sure. It’s like the left doesn’t even care about their level of hypocrisy anymore. They’ll just spew their nonsense and recant later. Brandy should have been just as willing to offer her diagnosis of Biden as she was with Trump.

You do not have to be on the right side of the aisle to feel this way. There is something to be said for remaining consistent, whether you are on the right or left. Brandy Lee does not feel the same way. She came up with a great excuse for talking about Trump, though. Brandy “had” to do this because he presented such a massive risk to the world as we know it.

Maybe she just doesn’t believe that Biden can actually win the election and that is why she is not as worried. In that case, we would actually understand where she is coming from. She could have admitted this from the beginning! All jokes aside, the fact that she is referring to the Biden questions as a “false equivalency” tells us all that we need to know.

Brandy Lee is even using the coronavirus spread to make her point about Trump. She claims that he is putting American lives at risk and that he is being enabled by Mike Pence. Where is all of this fire and brimstone for Biden? He is clearly not fit to lead a country but she’s willing to ignore that because it does not fit her liberal agenda.

We are not sure how her work as a forensic psychologist qualifies her to make these types of assumptions but we hope that she is pleased with herself. All liberal types want is some attention for their hot takes and they do not even care if they make any sort of logical sense. Her rhetoric is dangerous and it has no place in a civilized society.

If anything, she should be taken to task publicly for what she is saying. We are sure that she would cry to the media if Trump took the time to point out how nutty these accusations are. We do not know how you can look at Biden and not see any sign of mental decline but it is easy to ignore these things when you have your head firmly buried in the sand.

This is just the way things are now, we suppose. It is obvious what is taking place here and we hope that everyone else can see these types of grifters for who they really are: spineless opportunists.


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