Dem Congresswoman Accused of Aiding & Abetting Illegals

Dem Congresswoman Accused of Aiding & Abetting Illegals

Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) has been accused by US Customs and Border Patrol officials of aiding and abetting illegal aliens who have been turned away at the border. They also say that Escobar is using your tax dollars to help these people game the system and get back inside the US. Even staunch Democrat voters are starting to feel a little shocked at the level of hatred that the Democrat Party obviously feels for Americans and our way of life.

Meanwhile, the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates are hard at work and stumping for votes. Beto O’Rourke held a roundtable discussion with a group of people the other day. He talked with them about the hardships that they face, and what he’s going to do to make their lives better. Corey Booker was in a public appearance at a government facility giving hugs to people and kissing their babies.

Just one problem: They were both in Mexico when they did those things. Beto O’Rourke held his roundtable with illegal aliens from Central America who had been turned away at the border. He was telling them how he would make their lives better if he’s elected. Corey Booker was at a border checkpoint. He was hugging illegal aliens and kissing their babies.
Why are these guys campaigning in Mexico? The answer is obvious. They know that millions of foreign nationals, primarily from Mexico, will be illegally voting in the 2020 election. They were campaigning in Mexico because they view foreign nationals as their constituents.

But the antics of Beto O’Rourke and Corey Booker pale in comparison to what Congresswoman Escobar is accused of doing. The Border Patrol says she’s sending her paid congressional staffers (meaning their salaries are paid by your tax dollars) into Mexico to track down people who have been turned away. These are illegals from Central America who showed up and tried to claim asylum.

Under the new agreement between the US and Mexico, illegals who traipse all the way across Mexico from Central America now have to wait in Mexico while their asylum claim is processed. The Border Patrol says Rep. Escobar’s staffers are tracking those people down and then coaching them on how to beat the system. The congressional staffers will then escort the illegal alien to a checkpoint and explain that the illegal doesn’t speak Spanish.

Pause for a moment here and set aside the fact that a Member of Congress is using your tax dollars to commit fraud.

Here’s a fun fact that the mainstream media has never reported. Mexico only offers temporary asylum to illegals turned away at the US border if they speak Spanish. If a person doesn’t speak Spanish, Mexico does not want them. Mexico’s government understands that if a migrant can’t speak the native language, they’re basically a hobo that will be a drain on social services that are intended for Mexican citizens. Mexico’s government will not tolerate something as stupid and contemptuous of its own people as that.

Mexico’s government cares enough about the Mexican people that it doesn’t want to harm their culture by forcing communities to accept non-Spanish-speaking migrants. The only illegals they will grant asylum to after the US Border Patrol turns them away, are those from Spanish-speaking countries. That’s why we’re suddenly seeing a lot more African welfare hordes crossing the border. There’s a group of Africans estimated to be about 35,000 strong in Central America right now, headed for our southern border. Mexico won’t grant asylum to any of them, because they don’t speak Spanish.

Our elected leaders and bureaucrats in Washington, DC hate our guts. They’re barely turning anyone away at the border.

“Oh, you only speak Swahili. No problem, we’ll get you into a taxpayer-funded ESL course right away! In the meantime, here’s your federal voucher for a brand-new two-story house for you and your family of 16. Here’s the debit card for your food stamps, and also your first direct cash welfare payment. When you vote, just check the box for all the candidates with a ‘D’ next to their name. Welcome to America!”

All of that, by the way, is actually illegal under current US immigration and refugee laws. But the government is doing it anyway – because they hate us.

If you don’t believe that Washington, DC hates the American people, watch how swiftly the Department of Justice will swoop in and slap Congresswoman Escobar in handcuffs for spending taxpayer dollars to defraud Customs & Border Patrol on behalf of illegal aliens. Keep watching… keep watching… any minute now… Just kidding. We all know that she’ll face no legal consequences for breaking federal law.


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