Housing Secretary Ben Carson Hits on Hot Topics in Housing

Housing Secretary Ben Carson Hits on Hot Topics in Housing

Housing Secretary Ben Carson is taking a lot of heat these last few weeks, and he sat down for an Interview on Wednesday with ABC News to let everyone know he is willing to sit down and discuss the issues with the housing industry.

Carson was criticized by housing advocates when he was at a hearing last month when he misheard the term for housing “REO,” and he called it an OREO cookie. They have also blamed him for not wisely approaching the lack of affordable homes and unfair treatment toward the transgender community and immigrant families.

When Carson was asked about the hearing in May, he said, “It’s silly, you know when we engage in ‘Ha! Gotcha!’ stuff when we have such big policy issues to deal with, and that’s what I want to talk about. Too often, the opposing side in a debate embraces a mindset of ‘you’re evil, you’re incompetent, you can’t do this, your momma sucks.’ And I think, ‘Give me a break.'”

Representative Katie Porter, a Democrat from California, posted on Twitter, “I’d be happy to talk with Carson about housing policy.” She cracked a joke about the cabinet secretary “In exchange, he can send me a package of OREO cookies.”

ABC News’ Senior Washington Reporter Deven Dwyer did the interview with Carson as he stated, “I am interested in looking at possibly updating regulations surrounding the industry to address the crisis in affordable housing in the U.S.” The interview was held at the National Mall in Washington, which featured “tiny homes” in a housing showcase.

Carson has been further criticized for a plan he came up with to bar undocumented migrants who live with someone who receives any federal assistance. The policy will take effect months from now, and it will displace up to 55,000 children who qualify to receive government assistance. The kids and teenagers would lose their portion of government assistance because the adults are undocumented immigrants.

The plan from the Department of Housing and Urban Development came from the White House, and Carson fully agreed with the plan and stated, “It’s putting people in the country legally at the front of the line. It’s the law, and you know we’re a nation of laws, and if the lawmakers don’t like it, they need to change it.” The law currently states illegal immigrants cannot receive federal assistance. For almost 20 years the government made exceptions until now. The new rule will not allow anyone to receive benefits for any person or persons living with illegal immigrants whose documents are not up to par.

Administration officials say there is still a limited number of homes within the public housing units and most landlords are not willing to take the vouchers for the federal housing. Only about 25,000 homes would become available for the millions of Americans waiting for a place to live. According to the old law, it would hurt the American citizens by giving homes to illegal immigrant families.

Carson told ABC News about his support on the changes a revised law which would assist transgender individuals. The old law puts transgender females with men in a homeless shelter. The new law would give them their own room and bathrooms as Carson mentioned, “All we’re asking people to do to be fair, and we’ve reached a point in our society where people can’t understand fairness anymore. They just pick their group, and they say everything has to work for my group.”

When Dwyer asked about Carson’s tenure he stated, “It would be classified as a duty I have to fulfill.” He concluded with these words, “Would it be a lot easier to be in the private sector enjoying life, not having all these rules you have to follow, making tons of money? Yes, that would be much easier. But this is something I feel we’re called to do, and if all the people throughout our history had taken the easy pathway, Where we’d be now?”

For years illegal immigrants have swarmed into America, and we have an administration now, which is not afraid to solve the problem. Everyone is entitled to a better life in the U.S., but everything needs to be done legally. Somewhere in our own heritage, we are all immigrants, but our ancestors followed the law. It is time illegal immigrants stop taking what is not theirs and do it the right way. It has gone on for long enough.


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