Newsom Threatens to Layoff First Responders While Paying Illegals

Newsom Threatens to Layoff First Responders While Paying Illegals

California Governor Gavin Newsom is making yet another outrageous claim and we are sure that the residents of his state have had enough. He is threatening to lay off any first responders that he cannot pay because the government is not providing enough cash. This smells like a form of extortion to us but what do we know?

The Golden State is currently enduring a lengthy lockdown and the governor is wielding his political power with reckless abandon at the moment. The state does not have a high number of deaths that are related to the coronavirus outbreak but that has not stopped Newsom from continuing to keep the lockdown in effect.

In the meantime, the rest of America is supposed to be funding his operation. If Newsom does not get the money that he is not looking for, he is going to start laying off all of the most essential workers of all. Police officers and firefighters will be sent packing.

First responders are also going to be given the cold shoulder when Newsom cuts their funding off. The Washington Post was one of the first papers to jump on this story because of course they were. This Democratic governor is currently engaged in a potentially catastrophic game of chicken with Republican members of Congress.

Newsom is even taking direct aim at Mitch McConnell and he offered the Senate Majority Leader some choice words during the dispute over the latest stimulus bill. The current proposal is dead on arrival, as the Republicans do not agree with the provisions that are being included.

That’s what the Democrats do in pressure situations. They do not care about keeping valuable aid away from the rest of the population. Instead, they wield the urgency of these bills as a cudgel. Democrats do not admit to putting a stop to important bills that are important to the welfare of the nation.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom says first responders will be the “first ones laid” off unless federal bucks arrive in the Golden State in the near future.

The Democrat appeared to be playing a political game of chicken with Republicans in Congress over the weekend during a discussion about the coronavirus pandemic with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Mr. Newsom specifically had a message for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans when asked about a $3 trillion relief bill being “dead on arrival.

The leftists who support them are more than willing to look the other way. They are more than happy to put all of the blame on the Republicans when bills do not pass. Why should they actually take the time to read through these bills and see what type of chicanery their political counterparts are trying to pull?

That’s what the Democrats bank on. They hope that they can get everyone on their side by being less than truthful. The sad thing is that these ploys often work. That’s how Newsom likes to operate, too. He may think that he is doing the right thing at the moment but this is a classic case of extortion.

If someone is willing to make threats of this nature and they are ready to back them up, there is no debate to be had. Newsom thinks that he is going to strong arm the government into doing his bidding because Democrats think that they can play out every dispute that they have through the media. Taxpayers don’t need to be shelling out for whatever Newsom’s plans are.

For all they know, he is looking to collect more money and hand it out to illegal aliens who do not deserve it. He seems to be more concerned with the needs of the illegals who are residing in his state than the more pressing concerns that are being presented by the taxpayers who are not receiving help.

We wish that we could act surprised about what is taking place here but this is California that we are talking about. It’s par for the course for them. This state is willing to make a horrific sacrifice and we are not even sure what the endgame is here. They could easily dip into their own coffers and keep these essential workers paid.

Newsom would rather use valuable time to shake down other entities for the money, though. He could have also issued this request in a more diplomatic way. You always catch more flies with honey than vinegar but this is a lesson that is lost on Newsom. States should not be allowing their most crucial employees to lose out, especially at a time when their services are needed the most.

Did Nancy Pelosi put Newsom up to this? This is the sort of silly maneuver that has her fingerprints all over it. We will not be surprised when we find out that she had something to do with this. She’s allowed the opinions of a few misguided leftists to give her a false sense of importance and now the entire state of California is going to be forced to suffer.


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