Is Trump Giving Two Jobs to Mike Pompeo?

Is Trump Giving Two Jobs to Mike Pompeo?

So what would happen in this situation?  Mike Pompeo is already the Secretary of State.  Well, he would take on both roles which everyone in the White House, including the president, feels he is capable of handling.  This had not happened since President Nixon was in office when Henry Kissinger was the Secretary of State and the National Security Advisor in the seventies.  Even though the position is not confirmed, sources who know and understand the situation and a senior administration official have confirmed the White House is leaning more in favor of Mike Pompeo replacing his chief rival John Bolton.

Wednesday night, Pompeo was at a charity ball in Washington and laughing out loud with his buddies about the president firing Bolton.  There were rare occasions if any when the two saw eye to eye.  Outside of meetings and business, both men quit speaking to one another.  At the event Wednesday night, sources close to him stated, “his mentality was what a day, what a life, what a job!”

Another reason Pompeo would be the front runner for the position is, he is the primary foreign policy advisor.  A source who is closely associated with the White House confirmed, “He is going to act as national security adviser at least in the near term. Trump is happy with that.”  Since he is going to handle both positions from this point until it is confirmed the spot is filled, this would keep Pompeo at the top of the list.

Along with the five people President Trump is viewing carefully for the position, sources say it is also possible he will not fill the position.  He may use Mike Pompeo on a needed basis.  He feels comfortable working with the Secretary of State and being the businessman he is; he may just cut the cost by cutting out the position.  Trump’s primary goal is to fulfill his campaign promises before the next election.  If he fills the spot, they will have to see eye to eye with securing diplomatic seals and pulling out the soldiers from Afghanistan.

Trump spoke about Bolton to reporters, “I hope we’ve left in good stead, but maybe we have, and maybe we haven’t.  He made some very big mistakes.  He wasn’t getting along with people in the administration that I consider very important.”  Tuesday, Trump tweeted he “strongly disagreed with many of Bolton’s suggestions as did others in the administration.  I thank John very much for his service. I will be naming a new National Security Advisor next week.”  Until then Pompeo is handling his job as the Secretary of State and acting NSA.

There are mixed reactions to the “firing” of John Bolton.  Pompeo was one who stated, “I was not surprised.”  Senator Mitt Romney said, “The loss of John Bolton as a senior leader in foreign policy is an extraordinary loss for our nation and for the White House.”  Senator Rand Paul stated, “I think that the president deserves to have someone around him who agrees with his policy. I think the threat of war worldwide goes down exponentially with John Bolton out of the White House.  I think his advocacy for regime change around the world is a naive world view. And I think that the world will be a much better place with new advisors to the president and hopefully somebody who’s actually listening to what the president says over and over again, that he wants to bring America’s longest war to a close.”

Senator Lindsey Graham was asked if he knew beforehand if Bolton was going to be fired, he responded, “I know there were some concerns about the whole Taliban meeting, but I didn’t know for sure.  I think Bolton served the country well. He gave the president his honest opinion, and it’s time for him to move on.  The president deserves a National Security Adviser he has confidence in.”


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